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My bike monitor showed a pulse of one hour in the afternoon eighty-eight minutes twenty-eight miles so far I was at two-thirds of the distance of 41 kilometers but I felt I had just warmed up and it would be a shame to finish the cycle in half an hour I was in excellent shape that day and my 25-year-old athletic body was in no shape at all and the autumn sun warmed my bones pleasantly I can already hear some of you snapping up "what? Young athletic girl supposedly in explosive form riding a bike at an average speed of just over 18 km/h with a heart rate of one hundred and thirty? Well that's not a very good result in fact it's kind of pathetic" You'd be right that would be pathetic on flat ground but the mountains of South Switzerland are very high and for the last hour I've been riding up almost all the time That's not so bad now is it? I was at the highest point of my planned journey from here it was almost just rolling down But my muscles demanded further exercise – no wonder after the roll-up at work five times a week eight hours behind a desk they rise up on weekends and demand movement
I was standing on the side of the road looking at my tourist map – this section has no meaningful mobile internet coverage – wondering how I could extend my route The map indicated a junction a few hundred meters ahead indicated as a dirt road which given the local terrain conditions is probably more likely to be a gravel-rocky road Normally it's not for a bike but my bike is not a regular machine it's a 4000 Swiss francs Specialized Rhyme FSR Comp Carbon 6Fattie large-wheel all-telescopic mountain bike Where this does not go there is no Land Rover Defender and the map has already indicated a road that can be driven by a car My helmet elbow and knee pads as well as my extensive mountain and downhill cycling experience also gave me confidence The detour described more or less a semicircle as compared to the original route with a number of squiggles By my calculations it would give us another 40 or 45 kilometers and about two and a half hours for the distance and the journey time which is just right However the road crossed a lot of dense contours on the map crossing three ridges There will be plenty of steep captures and slopes It's perfect The weather's nice though it's supposed to rain at night but where's the night I've decided I did it
Indeed it is pebbly-shaded it proved to be a wide enough road for a car – and steeper than I thought but it didn't get to me Upon reaching the first ridge I was surprised to see the mountains covered with snow a few hundred yards up The temperature also decreased from the lower pleasant twenty degrees to the ten boroughs which were pleasant in my bicycle shorts and sleeveless top only during the time of the upswing On the other side of the slope I started to cool down and pretty soon I got a "I'm freezing" feeling But not long after that I reached the second cap and as I went up I warmed up again
Around the middle of the second ascending section I noticed that the sky was falling pretty hard behind me from where I came from It wouldn't be good to get wet in here I thought adding "again we couldn't even hit that day's weather for the weathermen" There's no turning back because then I'd run into the rain or maybe even a storm The sky changed from minute to minute to darker blue and gray and the bad weather was closing in on me The only way I can get back to the original low-lying road as soon as possible and finally to my car To do that of course I have to get through the second and third ridges and from there it's practically a long slope and I've won I thought I'd get away with it
My math didn't work out I knew I was going to get wet when the wind came up and suddenly the air went cold and not just because of the rising altitude the storm came In the worst possible place I was caught by a storm on the second ridge Thunderstorms began to rain heavily from all directions and not just plain rain but snow Anyone who has ever ridden a bike on an unknown Mountain Road in stormy winds gusts of snow with a few degrees of snow wearing summer bicycle shorts and sleeveless top knows that this is not pleasant at all I felt like I was going to freeze on the spot or before that the wind would rise and drift away I looked around looking for some sort of shelter but looking at the wind tearing the surrounding pine trees it didn't seem to offer much shelter And that's when there was lightning followed by a deafening thunder less than two seconds later No no tree I saw a house a few miles earlier but I'd have to turn back right in the middle of the storm()


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