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The day you've been waiting for has come Saturday
I've been waiting for this day for two weeks Because it's been two weeks since I've been with my sweetheart because of various problems at first I had some female problems then the exam period with her so we could very much give up pleasant evenings (afternoons mornings) Of course we met every day but either we just walked around a little or we studied together I've been with him for almost a year but I still feel the same way when I see him the desire I feel when he touches me So not only have my feelings faded but they've grown stronger And the best part is I felt it with him
I've been feverish since Thursday because of Saturday As soon as I imagined what I was going to do to her I got excited
My parents announced last week that they were going to visit their relatives and my brother and sister went to Siófok on Friday night with their friends So it was mine or we had the whole place to ourselves until Sunday afternoon uh-huh another shudder
I was expecting my sweetheart at 2: 00 in the afternoon I made some food I didn't take much care of it because I didn't think it was really necessary we'll eat each other After I cleaned everything up and set the table I went to take a shower and cleaned myself up It was already 1: 30 when I realized that I had little time left for my partner was always on time perhaps Once Upon a time he was late I quickly arranged the rest of the work (packing clothes preparing music etc) then I picked up my newly-acquired sexy black Bordeaux band got a robe sat down and turned on the tv needless to say for 20 seconds the intercom rang indicating that it had arrived I let him in and then when I finally got my breath back I opened the front door and I was like "Come and eat me up"
As the elevator came up my heart was pounding in my throat but that's what I saw When he saw me he looked at me with his eyes and I could see that he was imagining what was under the shroud He walked up gave me a nice kiss on the lips and went into the apartment At first I couldn't move from shock WHAT? A kiss??? That's it??? To be honest I thought he was gonna pull the dress off me and make me his bitch in the hallway Compared to this
I went in after him and watched him do it He put his coat down and looked around the room When he spotted lunch he finally spoke:
- Huh did you make a frozen turkey breast? You shouldn't have botheredI'm not that hungry(Great not only does he not do anything useful he even makes cynical remarks)
- Yeah I thought it was unnecessary but since you're here we can eat it
We sat down with that now hold on we ate After two weeks he was able to eat I couldn't sleep let alone eat
Then something happened that changed my mind When he raised the glass to his mouth he looked deeply into my eyes and licked the edge with a slow but barely visible gesture I finally get it He'S playing The naughty one I should have gotten used to it All right let's play
After we finished eating I unpacked and started washing dishes (of course because I always want to win I took off my robe and so I went to work)
He stood in the kitchen door and looked at me with his arms crossed over and over And then he came towards me He pulled up behind me pressed against me and gently caressed my arm now be strong I thought to myself but I was afraid to speak because I knew I couldn't speak distinctly and then I lost
"You are insanely desirable today" he whispered panting in my ear as he pressed his groin firmly against my buttocks just to make me feel that I still have the same effect in him as I used to
- I'm glad to hear that - no more came out of my mouth
His hand began to wander first he caressed my back then my neck but then he slipped on my breasts In the meantime I could feel his tongue on my neck breathing little tongue kisses on him I was so excited I could have just had a little foreplay to go I wanted him to know that but I couldn't move In the meantime I finished the dishes and turned off the faucet
I turned with great difficulty and looked deeply into her beautiful deep brown eyes
- Why are you doing this? You're driving me crazy
- I know I know
That's it that's it This reckless neglect it got me so fired up I couldn't play anymoreI grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in I kissed him with such force that it almost hurt but with the pleasure they all went unnoticed I was so wrapped up in the kiss I didn't even notice and I was sitting on the kitchen table In the meantime you have successfully installed me Our lips parted and for a moment he stared at me He looked at me as I sat in front of him with his legs open his eyes clouded with desire and smiled

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