evs extreme 2

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The next few days I felt really weird On the one hand the fact that the two guys making out was so exciting and on the other hand I was jealous Because I knew what was going on between the two of them I saw more I noticed their smiles their secret touches their hand-held hands After that "action" in the room
they did but they could find a thousand other opportunities I always knew when they were together because that's when she was more free and happier But that didn't stop me I was determined to get her and all I could see was the goal
I tried to get as much information about him as I could and I used it to get to him And I did it We started talking more and more just the two of us One afternoon Adam was busy there were only two of us in the room and Szabolcs told me about his family problems (he had a problem with his brother) I felt good about his trust I tried to comfort him I didn't want to take advantage of the situation I didn't get into it (I thought about it afterwards and he probably wouldn't have rejected me) but at the end of the conversation he held me in his arms I got this tingling feeling in my stomach again I could smell her her hair was tickling my neck Until then we'd never been that close physically or spiritually It's a good thing I was wearing a baggy sweater because I was totally turned on
That's when Adam entered the room (If I could kill with regard I would be dead(:)) He quickly released me and in a desperate voice told him what had happened Adam's rage kept subsiding I suppose he had a different way of consoling her taking a shower together and not coming back for an hour
But from then on Sabi looked at me differently We had a lot of fun we talked we studied together we ate we spent most of the day together In most cases Adam was with us but he had a "girlfriend" that he sometimes had to deal with I took advantage of every time he" went out with women " and he wasn't on vacation Adam was neither blind nor stupid You saw what I was doing We were jealous of each other and soon Adam broke up with her I don't know what set him off but he came after me in one of my late showers
- What do you want with vacation? - he asked
- None of your business? - I fought back not too clever because the next thing I knew he was hitting me and pushing me against the wall
I was afraid of his power Adam was a tall thin guy and though I always knew he was strong I never thought he'd handle me with one hand


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