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The Empress's body is already heavy When the emperor returned from the capital they took a walk in the garden every afternoon then retreated Wu Wen-Siung bought a monkey at a market and now they play with it at night He was a nice little thing and he gave him a special treat Ju Siangh-Liang she peeled the fruit for him He dipped the almonds in sugar so he put them in the mouth of his beloved Mistress When he was quiet he fell asleep on the Empress's pillow"You don't care about me anymore" cried the emperor"She is a great joy to me when I cannot give myself to you" said the woman 'I want you very much' he smoothed his beloved's face"I have learned something from an old sage" he embraced his mistress"You always surprise me" said the woman eagerly and then a happy tremor passed through her whole body I feel weird all day today and the baby's acting different It's kind of quieter Perhaps the final stage has arrived"I will still make you happy" said the emperor laying on his back drawing his wife above him He spread his legs and began to excite him with his tongue The woman trembled and waited for him to enter the gates of the garden of pleasure Finally the sensual waves began to flow in him and he was satisfied cryingShe hid in her husband's arms and reached for her rigid rod but her hands were slippery from the seed that had just spilt- Do you love me that much? Are you satisfied with my pleasure?The emperor smiled reached for the blanket and covered his lover's back so he wouldn't get cold and he fell deeply asleep Wu Wen-Siung woke up at dawn to moan- What honey?- Our child is coming- I'll send for the doctors- No not yet It's gonna be a long time In the meantime to ignore the pain I'll tell you the next story:_ :The assassin and the emperor's concubineThere was an emperor a long time ago He kept 200 concubines but the smartest of them all was Tem Jin She was beautiful her hair so Black The Empress made her hair from her curls Her figure is perfect tiny and slender and The Emperor called her "porcelain doll"But he seemed smart the most There wasn't a riddle he didn't know the answer toOne day that's what got him killed Some silly little problem was solved once again by her and the Empress became furious with him With a couple of court ladies who themselves were jealous of porcelain dolls came up with an evil plan When the Empress slept with her husband she stole an important document from him and hid it in her room and then accused her terrified rival of espionage who didn't know what it was aboutBecause the Emperor loved porcelain doll very much he didn't kill her but he drove her to the northern provincesThe Empress's wrath lasted even longer and she went to the nearby monastery to hire an assassin He was sent to a young warrior who listened to the woman's request took the money offered and left immediatelyThe Empress wondered what was wrong with him? When his family was killed by the invading mongol hordes he vowed not to speak until a Mongol was killed- Then I did good for him porcelain doll daughter of the leader of the MongolsJu Siangh-Liu groaned again Her vagina was dilated and she was unable to continue the tale for a while When the spasms stopped the emperor placed pillows around his mistress who had a little tea and then continued where he had left offThe young warrior went to his destination for ten days The weather was getting colder He reached the high mountains where the pass was covered with snow He had to cover it with a bottle of soot or the snow would have blinded him Finally he reached the monastery where his victim livedPorcelain doll has changed a lot His hair was shaved bald his slender figure was dressed in rough clothes His fine hands were roughed up by the chores of his clever eyes though the fatigue had wiped out the glamour She saw the stranger walk through the convent yard and she knew why it came He hung up with what he was doing and went into his chamber He made himself a shawl and water and then he made tea He poured himself into a cup which was all he had left of the emperor and sat down on the mat he slept on Waiting to dieHis killer soon entered He looked at her and then he spoke with his throat closed:- You're a mongol aren't you?- Yes the daughter of one of their leaders- Your kind wiped out my family"Then you have no mercy on me" said the girl reaching for the tea He spilled it on the ground to the gods and then he took a sip and then he reached out to the man- Why are you giving it to me? "he asked astonished- It's our way of making our killer see that we have no hatred left in usThe Warrior looked at porcelain doll with alarm and ran away And she was happy to acknowledge that the gods had given her another dayThe Empress is having contractions again Her husband held her hand while it lasted"Leave the tale" he said when the wife was tired leaning back on the pillows"That's what my mother told my father when I was born" smiled the Empress and continued:Porcelain doll woke up in the middle of the night and the killer was standing there watching He has a dagger in his hand but he has no intention of using it I can't kill youI don't know why- We're both victims of politics The Empress wants to lose me your family even though it was the war that took her'How clever you are and beautiful even so' said the man sitting on the mat next to the girl- I'm here because of my cleverness I'm never bragging about it again I'm sorry porcelain doll but I'm gonna have to break you "That's why they sent me" he looked at her with sad eyes And a tear ran down her face- I want to - he saidand then he stopped- What little beauty?- Just sleeping with a man one more timeAnd he held her It's what he wanted more than anything And she thanked me for my happy moments He gave the man a service he had never had before He had the hope that if he could ignite the flame of love in his heart he could be savedThe dawn touched them in each other's arms The man woke up for the first time and looked into her peaceful face with the trembling of happiness Then he saw the dagger on the ground and everything was dark and sad"My dear I have two vows to kill you and I would rather rescue you" he whispered She reached out and turned towards him and opened her eyes He knew right away he was going to die Her lover's fingers were on her neck and a few minutes later it was all over The man after completing his task rose raised the dagger and plunged it into his own heartThe Courier broke into the little cell a few minutes later The Emperor ordered it He discovered the plot against her The assassin was relieved of his duties and porcelain doll was waiting for him again at the palaceThe Empress is now experiencing contractions with elemental force Wu Wen-Siung went to get the doctors Soon he was cast out of the room and at dawn he heard a cry from the bedroom A few minutes later the midwife brought out the crown prince on the gold-rimmed blanket


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