Ebony Fuck Hole


I'm Peter 33 years old married to Dora 40 years old mother of two children The story I'm going to tell you happened on a long weekend on a stuffy summer night After his divorce my partner and I were able to devote more time to each other more time alone which was good for his confidence Still she was not fully liberated again she was a woman again I wanted her to open up to the world again and believe that she could have any man she wanted or any man she wanted Before this weekend we tried a lot of things together and we talked about a lot of things revealing our desires to each other
It was suggested that you could prove to yourself that you were still the woman you used to be That's why we chose a wellness hotel to make everything perfect for him The goal was to pick up someone he liked at night In the middle of the day we both had all kinds of pampering programs even I enjoyed them very much At night we both went up to our rooms fresh and curious I promised my darling I wouldn't touch her that day in case I took her off her game So I did We both took a shower and then she took out the dress she bought for the night that I'd never seen before If you can say so of course Dori should be known: 5 '5" 57 kg black not too shortbut not too long blue-eyed thin white sometimes with a slightly freckled soft pear-shaped tush tiny palms So the dress was a knee-length silk maybe a cocktail dress It was knotted at the neck and it allowed the snow white back of Dora to be seen to the waist and if you could see from the side at just the right angle you could see the bulging of her breasts from the cloth She looked wonderful Maybe I was a little worried He's so fragile so petting But that's why I love him We agreed to meet in two hours and I'm gonna go down to the gym and meet you in the room Then you'll tell me what happened
We got divorced in a long kiss and I walked her to the elevator to the hotel lobby where a lot of people hang out all day drink talk meet I kept doing what I could in the room trying not to go after him and finally I kept my wits about me and I wouldn't look out for what was happening by mutual consent As it turns out I was gone too long because I went down to the gym and then I found out I didn't take my favorite drink with me so I went back to get it I thought I'd keep moving warm up like the sea I get back to the room I don't even turn on the light because I'm going anyway I'm not here to read Nature calls I go in I do my job I wash my hands I reach for the towel when the door to the entrance of the room opens I can hear Dori's voice and a man's voice I had no idea what to do No matter how I thought I didn't understand We were here a while ago maybe she didn't even get down and she already found a boyfriend? I'm sure if they come in we're screwed I had no choice but to stay Worst-case scenario you might disappear in the shower just don't turn on the lights The crazy thing was I didn't even see them If I opened the door a crack I could see them but they could see me I couldn't even guess the age of the man's voice I noticed you were talking to him with respect so I'm a little relieved He praised her dress her hair her white skin (I love it so much)
They were drinking so I could get that out of the conversation It hasn't been 15 minutes the man's phone is ringing I didn't understand what they were saying just in the end "I need you"goodbye I didn't know what to make of that As Dóri later told me when he went down to the bar and asked for a drink the waiter asked him what he wanted and when he replied that he was looking at something special a guy at the bar And then of course he swooped in and they got into a conversation He came up with her He was 33 years old he was a tall athlete and his name was also Peter Like Me
Meanwhile while I was waiting Peter turned on the lights and left only the mirror lamp in the lobby on Turns out he was doing the best for me because this door doesn't show up with all the lights on so I could open it a crack That's when I first saw the guy I just described I thought you picked this guy out pretty quick when we went to the sauna this afternoon They're knocking on the door The guy you were talking to on the phone just got here He's thin he's a little shorter than Dori He's a child She's 21 Peter's cousin He wasn't as communicative as Peter but I saw him eyeing Dorim with his eyes Suddenly he says:
- Throw me your panties Dorim was a little surprised to hear that but he rose from the bed and threw his French panties in the face of Matthew sitting in the chair He smelled it and then he looked at it and he put it in his pants
- Now come and get it - it sounded like an order My companion went there put his hand in his pants stopped for a moment looked at him and took his panties out and sat back on the bed()


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