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We spent our breakfast in the morning quietly and started washing dishes with a smile A couple of times I had a dish towel on my butt which I found in the indignation of the beginning but in the end I only sighed when he kissed his place after the blows When we were done she went back to bed and watched me unpack my toiletries so I could take a bath I looked back from the door and I closed it I looked in the huge bathroom and chose the shower instead With my head held back I enjoyed the warm water flowing through me holding on to the tile and letting it flow all over my body After a few minutes I reached for the soap to wash up Suddenly cold air hit my back and with soapy hands on my chest I turned around and hit his hard chest She smiled sensuously at me and took the soap out of my hand
- Let me treat you after a nice breakfast "he said and with his hands covered he held my breasts in his hands and gently caressed them" He approached my nipples with a sensual slowness while Pillar easily touched my upper lip with his lips I pulled my head out and I covered my hands with foam to wash her shoulders and arms Leaning closer to him rubbing my breasts against his chest slamming my hand on his back and scratching his butt Standing on a toe tip I offered him my lips as I spread my legs a little apart and put his hard tail between my labia He pushed me wildly against the tile and pulled my thighs apart with his knees I sighed with his intensity and the feeling of the cold tile touch on my back and the hot breath on my breasts He grabbed my hip and started moving it up and down on his muscular thighs The water made me slippery in the first place but as I started to move on his muscular thighs I got even wetter I wasn't so bad myself and I started hitting him hard In response he lifted my hip and entered me deep with a finger He moved his finger wildly in me and his thumb was stirring my clitoris The sudden attack forced me to hold on to his shoulder and make silent screams at each stroke When I felt I was about to come I pushed him away with gentle force and slipped out of his hands running out of the shower stall He didn't come after me but he started stroking himself under his shower head It was beautiful the way you were excited I had to sit on the edge of the tub because my knees were still shaking and even I was starving I watched her drive herself faster and faster and I too am encouraged by this by licking my fingers leaning back began to excite myself His black eyes were all over the place A few minutes later he stepped out of the shower stall not stopping to caress his cock and he stood over me
- Put my balls in your mouth- he said hoarse I immediately sat up not stopping to excite my clitoris and gently lick his testicles I started to crumble gently with my tongue in my mouth and I looked up to him We looked deeply into each other's eyes giving each other great pleasure
- I love to see it that you enjoy it what you're doing but I can't he kept mumbling and tilting me a little so he could come on my chest I sighed as I felt the warm flow on my chest He pulled on himself a few more times and grabbed me on the shoulder a little bit I leaned close to him to lick the remaining drops off his half-hard tail He smeared me as he felt my tongue on his acorn When it wasn't enough for me I just kind of took the whole thing in my mouth and crumbled until I felt that it couldn't be in my mouth anymore because it was starting to get hard again He lifted me up and took me back under the water to wash off what was still on my chest and stomach so he could put me back on the edge of the tub He opened my thighs and gently licked my wet pussy He licked my clitoris a few times to get into my vagina with his tongue I couldn't take it much longer so I sat up and pushed him down the bathroom floor I turned my back to him and sat like this on his cock()


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