Dominant guy helps naked chick masturbate

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My Name Is M and I've sucked dick Even though I'm a man and not a homosexual I think blowing another man is humiliating Then why did I do it? - you can ask Well to give you a satisfactory answer you have to go back a little bit
A few years after my mom died my dad had a new girlfriend who lived with us I was 18 at the time I totally agreed that my dad had a new girlfriend and I think my mom would have wanted him to move on By the way my new stepmom was a beautiful woman in her 30s thin body round big breasts and overall kind Even though he had a sort of malice I thought it was funny at the time
He often sunbathes in the backyard where my room has a perfect view One day when my dad was out fishing with his friends it was hot and my mom was sunbathing I peeked out my window so she wouldn't see me I sighed God that body She was wearing a black mini bikini and my penis was hard at first sight He was lying on a sun bed his eyes closed The sun was shining on her belly and the way her breasts were rising with her breath it was just amazing The bikini Bottom slipped a little so I could see one of the big lips I knew I had to jerk off
Mom's eyes were closed so she's probably asleep Dad was out of town which meant I was home alone I took a lesbian DVD out of my secret collection and put it in the player I took my clothes off I lay down on the bed and I started beating my hard-ass penis like I've done before While I was beating him I fantasized about the girls who were 69-ing on the TV screen I wish they would kneel in front of me and suck my big dick one by one and swallow my sperm Well"big" I'm equipped with a 13-centimeter tool and even though I know it's not big I've seen guys with smaller tools in the shower after gym class I moaned softly The pleasure spread in my body and I got this familiar feeling-you know when you know that whatever's going to happen you're going to have an orgasm - I was close to coming My breathing accelerated then it almost stopped my muscles tightened and then
"What the hell are you doing?”
I jumped off the bed the penis was still in my hand and that was the last move I needed As my stepmom stared at her face my penis stretched and spewed out my thick white semen one by one like a erupting volcano and all in her direction I couldn't help it
I've never been so embarrassed in my entire life My face not only blushed but my whole face must have been tomato red My erection's gone like a snowflake in the oven I tried to cover my penis with my hands but my stepmom said " No" I obeyed him as he came into my room
"I said what the hell are you doing?”
I felt even more ashamed I could only Wag " N-n-Well I I-I just it's just todayMI was masturbating”
He sighed and said " I saw that but why? Oh I know Because you don't have a girlfriend to do it for you”
I was staring at the floor What you said was true I don't have a girlfriend I never had a girlfriend
"Look at me Let's see your dick"My stepmom approached and took a long look at my dick If I hadn't been so embarrassed I might have even smiled I was pretty sure my penis was a real dick and I was pretty proud of it
And then he started giggling "Ha ha not much eh? I can understand why you don't have a girlfriend she wouldn't even feel your little tail in her pussy”
I was a little shocked at her use of the word (after all I thought of this woman as a surrogate mother) and I confronted her " little? I've seen guys in the shower with smaller penises mom”
He looked at me and he frowned "yeah baby but I saw it in the absolute hardness of your little tail remember? You can't tell the total size of a dick when it's flat Some men have little tails that turn into giant dicks when they get hard But all right set yours up for me”
I started moving my hand around on my penis and it just stood up in no time I guess the whole situation turned you on My stepmom got even closer and touched my penis with her hand He looked me in the eye and said "he's about six inches right?”
I nodded
"I'll tell you a secret girls can't measure dicks just because they don't have a ruler all the time So they use the navel test Have you heard of him? Probably not It's pretty simple they wait for a dick to get all hard and then they shove it down their stomachs If the Acorn is above the navel it's a real dick Let's see”


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