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He looked at himself in the mirror one more time He was pleased with the results She had reddish-haired hair pinned to her head There was a hole of hair in his face that framed his face freely He wore a gold chain around his long neck and the medallion was a tiny watering can He always had to smile when he thought about drawing the jeweler what he wanted from the Ottoman Her body was covered with a black body-like cloth which barely covered her shapely round breasts He emphasized his slender waist with a thick red belt She wore black lace stockings and toenails
After a careful look at you once more and adjusting your perfectly still stockings you went to the phone and called your favorite taxi company
'Good Day' said he with a pleasant humming voice - I need a car at 16 Jókai Street Door number eight
While he was waiting for the car he sat on the couch in the living room and read one of the unfinished articles in one of the magazines The cab arrived early He bought an elegant black coat and from the hall closet he put on his red hoodie and a matching handbag and then locked the door behind him
The cabbie couldn't stop talking even though Anna wanted to get into his thoughts but she did not interrupt the man's monologue as a courtesy You could tell he was happy to have someone to listen to him He was talking about his kids and his new tax rate and his mother-in-law all bland
Finally they stopped outside the hotel and the man finally stopped Anna paid and got out and then headed up the hotel stairs The cabbie waited for him to disappear and he thought how good it would be to not crawl into bed with his obese wife at night but with this woman His masculinity moved but then his reverie was interrupted by the French knocking on the window who wanted to go to the Castle
Anna went down the hall and stopped by the elevator The receptionist looked at it and then she caught her eye on the slender ankle The elevator whispered and Anna entered alone There was no elevator boy so he pushed the five button When he got up there he was definitely headed for room 518 He knocked on the door A tall athletic man answered the door
- Good evening - Anna smiled
- Good evening 'replied The Master of the pleasant baritone voice - Miss Anna?
'Yes' she said and he opened the door Anna went into the living room of the suite the man behind her He put the handbag on a table and then he helped the coat off
- Have a seat - he said-My Name Is Csaba May I offer you a glass of wine?
'Thank you I accept' said Anna The man filled in the half-dry red wine and sat across from the girl They drank and drank There was tension between them Finally the girl broke the silence
- Let's discuss the fee first
The man nodded
- If I'm the only one it's ten thousand if you're fifteen If she wants sex it's 30
The man put his hand in his pocket and counted the 30000 Anna took out her purse took the money carefully and then stood up and put the purse next to it
- Where would you like it?
"Everywhere" he laughed Anna opened the bag and took out a pear syringe and went to the bathroom and filled it with water at the right temperature and then returned to the living room and put it on the table and then approached the man He began to caress his broad chest while he lifted his left foot to it He slowly began to pull it out of his jacket and he threw it in one of the chairs Then the tie came then the shirt The slightly hairy breast which he continued to caress then his hands slipped and the belt was fixed and then the zipper went down and Anna reached into the bulging pants The man groaned Anna knelt down and took out the already semi-rigid instrument and licked the Acorn by pulling the skin back
- Oh-the answer came but the girl didn't go on she stood up
"Please take the rest and kneel there" he said taking the enema into his hands
The man kicked off his shoes then took off his trousers and trousers which were hanging by the ankle-track and then the socks ended up on top and kneeled on the couch
Anna was going through the bag and she took out a tube of lube He smeared it on his finger and slowly began to rub it on the man's butt Meanwhile he's got kisses all over his ass Then he took the red ball in his hand again and he put it on his pipe and he pushed it in slowly He started pushing the water in and out reaching forward and was happy to discover that the enema had given the man a complete hard-on
With his face he sat down on the man's back and pushed in the last drop of water and slowly pulled out the tube
- Now go urinate and then if you want I'll go next
He sat down on the couch His stiff tool had the lustful glistening on it He kneeled in front of Anna and licked her


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