Disobedient sub retrained


I've always loved talking about sex I find it terribly exciting for my partner to tell me in detail how he envisages the act or to listen to the statements of others without caution That's the fantasy I was trying to live out with the next story Read it and talk to him
The boy and the girl were standing in a sparsely decorated room A large table a large double bed and on the ground some pillows were thrown apart the whole apparatus There was no window the ceiling-mounted fluorescent tubes covered the walls with only a glimmer rather than light Lighting was provided by a high-performance reflector in two opposite corners of the room The boy and the girl were barefoot on the soft soft carpet There was an unusually large mirror covering one of the walls from floor to ceiling only to be seen in the dancers ' practice room It was also a practice room the boy and the girl two stars in the adult film industry prepared it here rehearsing the next film scenes For this reason the three-legged stand was set in one corner of the room with the state-of-the-art video camera on it
The boy was only wearing black boxers the girl was wearing white lace underwear Her breasts almost stretched out the deliberately tight bra and her panties lifted her out rather than hid her soft hill This outfit was part of the constant banter between them She knew how much her partner loved her shapely tight breastsand that white underwear was her favorite It reminds him of innocence of feminine purity and the most exciting thing about purity is that it can be tainted That's why he put his hair in a girlie ponytail hanging down two sides in the first place
"So" said the girl " I stand here as a blushing virgin you come to me I'll put my arms around you and kiss you" - she pulled him in put her arms around him breathed a kiss on the corner of his mouth - And then you want to suck my dick "I am a good girl" he winked " I will not want to suck it at first but I will suck it with great devotion later" You put your hand on my shoulder and push me down I beg to differ I'm embarrassed but you just get me on my knees and put it in my mouth "she crouched down in front of the boy while he continued" And I by my character will blush with my eyes now I am not playing a whore as usual so unbutton your pants and just push it in my face" We're not rehearsing this - she smiled flirtatiously at him
- You're gonna fuck my mouth for a few minutestry not to cum right in my mouth
'Don't worry I won't' replied the boy He knew she was being sarcastic because they were both professionals he was able to control himself and time the launch exactly - But you just do it right Swallow it you know I love it
- I know you do - it's straightened up with the soft saliva the big tongue while biting it a little
- And you can lick my balls but you can also spank my dick
She opened her mouth so you'd really come in my mouth
- Right now "the boy replied with a sudden motion he seized her shoulder and brought her to her knees" That screeching laughing clanked his partner's forearm but he couldn't handle it His legs rolled together and the boy pressed her head against her groin and made swaying movements with his hips - Put it in your mouth - he snarled with feigned anger His bulging Rod struck her cheek as he held the two ponytails with his hands holding the head of his companion
'All right all right I'll buy it' said the girl He broke the boy's tool out of his boxer shorts and put it right between his lips She gave that boy a hard-on His neck went back and forth as the drool - soaked tool glided in and out of his mouth The boy enjoyed it with a dying moan with one hand resting on his hip and the other still resting on her head She took the huge cock out of her mouth and as she continued to beat him with her hand she looked up at him with her green eyes and spoke
- Are you calm? "he raised his pink tongue out of his mouth and still looking at his companion's face his heels began to lick the sensitive spot on the tip of the acorn with a smile
- Just keep going I'll calm down - the boy murmured
- I know the magazine's full and you're ready to shoot it in my throat but we got work to do "she replied" You'll make me swallow it later now let's get back to work" - it's leveled up
- So when I'm done sucking your dick you reach under my arm you stand up and you turn your back to yourself I'm gonna grab my hands on the table and now you're gonna squat down pull down my panties and kiss my ass Now you don't have to show me that either
She now stood with her back to the boy pulling him to her side sticking his hands on her breasts
- Then you get up you rub my chest you grab my breasts like this and you kiss my neck - he threw his head back so his partner could bend over his neck  This is where you get rid of my bra()


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