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I've wanted to tell this story to someone for a long time and I've thought about it a lot and I've fantasized about what would happen if it happened again Two years ago I moved to a new apartment so Fruzi came up to me to show her the new place Fruzsi and I used to be a couple for almost three years but things sort of worked out between us and he had a fiancé back thenAlong with fruzi we have a mutual friend Gabi who we need to know is a decidedly attractive and more determined lesbian We had a good time last night we had a lot of history we haven't seen each other in a while so we had a lot to talk about Of course we had a few drinks to ease our mood we were pleasantly drunk when I wanted to get some air so I went out for a smoke on the terrace and Fru came with me We both had a smoke and somehow I could feel the air between us which I wasn't really surprised at because like I said before we were together for a really long time We heard Gabi in there rummaging through the music and somehow we talked about sex She told me that she's been spending less time with her boyfriend lately and how much she misses sex and of course I said she couldn't miss him more than I could because I'm single
 You see it would be so much easier if Gabi wanted guys you guys like each other and I would be nice and discreet and leave and whatever happens between you two happens - he said with a dirty smile on his face
"You don't have to leave" I replied and in the meantime my mind began to click and I must have Fruzsi again tonight
The way I looked at him I could see he was slipping away too but that nasty smile on his face just wouldn't go away We kissed wildly like we used to when it seemed like we'd been making love all night having serial orgasmsAs I drew him to me I felt as if I was getting aroused as he noticed holding him in my ever-hardening trousers My hands got under his shirt and then he rubbed his lap against my dick We knew we were about to be overwhelmed by desire but what about Gabi? She suddenly left me and went into the room I didn't know what she was going to do so I thought I'd stay outside cool off a little bit When I went in a few minutes later I saw the two of them sitting on the bed kissing caressing each other I was just standing by the door feeling my Manhood coming back to life and they didn't even see me
While they were still kissing they started undressing each other first Gabi took off her shirt and bra and then Fru put Gabi's nipple in her mouth while she was playing with her hands in her panties Gabi just laid down on the bed and enjoyed the pleasure Then Fruzi looked at me and waved at you Deep down I knew I couldn't touch Gabi so I wanted to do whatever I wanted to do with Fruzi even more While Fru was pleasuring Gabi's pussy with his tongue all I could do was caress my dick while Gabi moaned louder and louder putting her hand on Fru's head holding her mouth to her naked pussy and ejaculating()


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