Devoted Domestic Obedience Training

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I once wanted to spoil my partner and I told him to close his eyes and I started telling him in a sexy voice that he was sitting in the office in front of the computer Suddenly the door opens she looks up and I'm standing there painted wearing black sunglasses buttoned up to the chin in a shiny black leather jacket black stockings heels I'm slowly closing the door behind me turning towards it the whole time She looks up surprised and she's uncomfortable but she's also very hot'cause someone could come in at any time I'm gonna lock the door behind me put the key in my pocket and I'm gonna walk towards it and I'm gonna slowly take off my sunglasses keep pushing him with my eyes I'll sit on the desk next to the documents My coat's going up so I can tell I'm not wearing any panties
I take my foot out of my shoe slowly lift it up and I start stroking her face with it His eyes are staring up my skirt I'm gonna stand up take off my coat and throw it in the corner Underneath there's a shiny bottom-length leather skirt with a slit open and on top it's just a translucent black lace slip with a bra that makes my breasts curl nicely


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