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I like parties I've been a member for a long time and I've managed to find girls and women I like more than once but at the moment I didn't have anyone to chat with I've been looking at who's in there right now I kept clicking saying Hi a few times but it didn't make much of an echo One of the nick's got my attention so I looked at the journal real quick and I wrote a short letter asking if you'd like to talk
A few minutes later the answer came in and we kept it private We quickly discussed what we were looking for online we were both independent who didn't even want a serious relationship but they were looking for a partner for a longer-term perspective It didn't take much time to get the word out about our sexual habits our attitude and we got so hot my dick felt uncomfortable in my pants At times like this I was very happy to be alone in my room only people rarely come in to talk about it or do it and even if I have to sign something the table is for charity The monitor is not visible from the door (it is no coincidence that I arranged my room this way) so I could devote myself to internet instead of work
We continued to chat or rather sex - chat because of course the topic was We've been pretending what would happen if I teleported there It was really hot and I wanted to get my dick out but that would have been risky There wasn't much time left in the sun so I thought I'd ask her if she'd like to meet me this afternoon There was "What if we don't like each other?"he asked I've been thinking about that too so we agreed that if we didn't like each other we'd say good-bye real quick If you don't have the sympathy there's no point in having an awkward and confused conversation for a long time And if we like each other Well that's pretty obvious
He lived on the Buda scale not too far from work finished before me so he had time to prepare for my reception I got in the car after 5: 00 and I was at his house within 10 minutes Intercom then I almost ran up to 3 upstairs I could see from the turn of the stairs that one of the doors was half open and there was a light coming out By the time I got in front of him the door was wide open and there he was smiling
Half a head shorter than me female-full-bodied pleasant-looking Her hair fell down on her shoulder she smiled at me with her bright brown eyes She was wearing a white blouse with a transparent lace bra showing her heavy full breasts His black trousers were tense on his broad hipshis thighs were bulging across thin material He was barefoot his groomed toes were glistened with colorless lacquered nails
He smiled and from his tender thick lips his white teeth flashed out When I saw this I thought that I might please him and asked him if I could come in and he laughed and said "yes" and he stepped away from the door so that I could enter  I walked up close to him and I could smell him
It was a delicate scent of flowers and the intoxicating heavy smell of desire I sucked it in I got even closer I put my arm around her waist and I taped my mouth to her lips The happy look of the former turned rapidly into a longing gleam He clung to me and while I was eating his lips I could see in his half-closed eyes the foggy veil which had betrayed his thoughts
Somehow we closed the door and hugged and staggered into the room where I knocked him down on the bed and I got over him I unbuttoned her blouse and slipped my hand through the opening to her back I caressed her I grabbed her but my goal was the bra I quickly turned off the lock pulled the strap down on his shoulder and pushed the loose basket up to get to the nipples He held his breath for a moment as I took the purple nipple filled with blood in the lady's large Court between my lips I put a finger in her mouth so she could play with it the same way I played with her breasts He was gasping for air Her nipples were very sensitive so I just licked and smoked and I didn't want to hurt her with my teeth even though I wanted to bite those big hard nipples
In the meantime I pulled the zipper off his pants lifted his hip pulled it off and grabbed his tits and started stroking his panties with my face I rubbed my forehead my nose sucked in the strong but desirable smell of her cunt felt the moisture through the fine fabric and I wanted to taste it so much that I grabbed the edge of her panties rolled over my fingers and pulled it The material couldn't resist my desire it was torn apart He looked at me and then he lifted the other half so I could hold that strap I ripped it off There was this little white wet-soaked substance hanging on him and nothing stopped me from tasting him


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