dans les bois

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It was an ordinary boring Friday morning I got up early because my college is on the other side of town I got out of bed turned on my stereo and went on my favorite tax The usual nonsense has been going on hereI always leave home in a better mood when I listen to them in the morning I listened to some interesting stories and then I laughed at what stupid people live among us I went to take a shower and after I got dressed I ran to breakfast Late again as usual I was running out towards the stairwell when I met the new neighbor Big chunky guy with the stubble says hello Well if I can't get rid of him right now I'm definitely gonna be late I took the introductions very quickly and I let him know that I am in a great hurry but I will be happy to continue the conversation at another time I was saying Good-bye when she walked out the door in a gorgeous blue sweatpants and a T-shirt She had beautiful long wavy brown hair and blue eyes in which I lingered for awkward seconds leaving no trace of my haste Her face was beautiful and so natural which you rarely see I introduced myself a little confused and then I really stepped into the field of leaving
I was running down the stairs like a madman and I couldn't get it out of my head Andi because that was the name of my big neighbor's pretty child -- a real sugar whipped cream I thought The rest of the day was going on in your wheel rotation school boring classes spending time with my friends again having a few beers and then going home It was already 4: 00 in the afternoon when I was finally within sight of the warm family nest I was walking by my favorite grocery store and Andi walked out of the store and she looked at me and she smiled vaguely Just like this morning he said and then another soft smile left his face From here on we went home together of course and we talked the whole time It turns out they came up from the country to pest and even though he didn't see much of the city he really likes it here He said life here is much faster than what he's used to I told her a few more weeks and she'd be fine We had such a good talk we got home in no time We said goodbye in the hall and then I entered the door in my thoughts
The rest of the afternoon was very slow either I was sitting in front of the TV or I was staring at my computer monitor My girlfriend left me two months ago and it was a disappointment and I didn't want a new relationship Friday night I didn't even want to go out I couldn't stop thinking about the girl next door I hated myself for going to bed before 9: 00 when I was 22 but somehow I didn't feel like doing anything I went out for one last cigarette anyway I was right around the last suck when Andi stepped out on the balcony next to us
- Hey what are you doing? I told you I just got a call from my buddies wanted to get together for a little bit I lied because I didn't want to give the impression that I was such a loser that I was about to go to bed at this hour I saw the way he was thinking for a few seconds and then he gave it up
 Oh that's too badI thought you might want to come over my parents went back to our old house to pick up some stuff that was still there Anyway have a good time - and he's on his way in Then something quickly crossed my mind and I spoke almost without thinking
- Wait I don't really want to go out either so I guess I could come by for a little bit Then I ran into my room and changed quickly a quick brush of teeth and a cloud of perfume As it turns out his parents didn't come home until morning and he never thought he'd feel so bad alone in the new apartment most of which were occupied by boxes and bags
- Do you want to see a movie? - yeah I told you we're gonna have a good chat We've been talking for an hour and I really liked everything about this girl He was smart and he made me feel good about myself


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