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Lorena met a guy she met on the internet on Monday but since the chemistry didn't work out in person Lorena knew that there would be no follow-up She also had a free Tuesday afternoon so she decided to run into another guy that day the one she'd been talking to for several days The intended boy's name was Aaron and he soon told me that all he cared about was sex He liked ambiguous conversation and he used to make a lot of sexual jokes Lorena was sure she'd be the perfect choice for after work
She was satisfied with Áron standing at the tram stop who could have been a head taller than her wore her brown hair with gel in front of her and gave her a frame with a bearded face After the meeting and the mandatory short chat they set off to one of the nearby wineries
After two glasses of red wine and a lot of happy conversation stories they started walking the streets of downtown She was convinced that the boy wanted to continue the rest of the date at her apartment so she thought they'd be arriving in front of the boy's home soon This time he did not have to be disappointed in his feelings as Aaron pointed to a house near the main road shortly afterwards and declared that he lived there He tried to attract Lorena who had deliberately put on the mask of the hard-to-get good girl After a few minutes of lacing of course he gave in and then he and his partner aimed at the front door
As she entered the apartment Lorena took off her coat but left her ankle boots on The man conjured up a red wine bottle from the kitchen opened it in the living room poured it out for both of them and then showed her around her home
They made themselves comfortable on the couch When their glasses were empty the kid refilled them The mood of the alcohol dissolved even more so the boy tried carefully but firmly He approached the mouth of the girl who did not pull away but rather closed his eyes and enjoyed the first kiss of Aaron's soft lips and then gently sticking his tongue through He pulled away and then smiling he watched her face closely
'You know I've never done this before' continued Lorena quietly directing her eyes to the boy for a few moments
"It's all right don't worry" said Aaron leaning again to her face
'I don't usually go up to strangers the first time and we hardly know each other' said Lorena gently avoiding the kiss
- That's not true We've talked a lot and today it turns out we're on the same page "There's nothing wrong with that" said the lad caressing his partner's thigh Once again he attempted to capture the woman who let himself be this time While they were making out sensuously Aaron slowly stroked her arm and then went over her thigh He rubbed Lorena's tongue more and more violently and then gently led his hand to his left breast which he knotted through a purple long-sleeved blouse Later he repeated the same thing with his right breast and finally with both hands he caressed his partner
He unbuttoned a few buttons and took care of the girl's neck with his mouth and slipped his hands between her thighs straight into her pussy Her lips were already around the collarbone while her fingers were constantly stirring through jeans her vagina Aaron unbuttoned the blouse completely and then he unbuttoned the bra He began to work out his breasts again and again he stuck his tongue in his partner's mouth He unbuttoned the pants unzipped the zipper and then reaching into the panties irritated Lorena's wet pussy He'd kiss her with his kisses and then he'd take turns licking them sucking them and his pointy nipples Lorena with her eyes closed sighed louder and louder and with this encouragement changed to a strong rapid pineal rub
The girl drew on her lips and kissed the man who during the heated tongue-fight took off his black cardigan and then pulled away from his partner's lips took off his shirt and jeans He kept kissing Lorena getting rid of the rest of her clothes He pulled the rest of it off himself and then he reached into the pocket of his pants on the ground which he took out a condom He rolled it over her tail she was lying between her legs and then he entered the wet vagina His dick went in and out of the fine pussy with slow movements When she heard Lorena's first lustful sighs she went at a slightly higher pace
- Yeah fuck me - she said " foreplay and sex make her horny" Thanks to the encouragement Aaron pushed his tool even more firmly into the hole which made her moan loudly He clasped his legs on the waist of the man lying on top of him and placed his hands on his buttocks grabbed him and dragged him towards him and fucked himself with a hard tool()


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