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With a grand journey they got off the train behind them in Paris Ági and Gabi said goodbye to their two companions exhausted and satisfied On the train they changed and now Ági was wearing slender white trousers with a light T-shirt of course without a bra and Gabi was wearing hot pants with a loose top tied only on her stomach perfectly emphasizing her beautiful full breasts Outside the station they took a cab and told the driver the address of their hosts The cab driver almost didn't take his eyes off the rear-view mirror and the two girls deliberately pulled the brains of the guy in his 30s while discussing the experience of the trip Gabi's hand was resting all the way on her arms while she was resting
They were impressed by the sight of Paris and were pleased to see that after 40 minutes of urban traffic the car slowed down in a much calmer suburban district and then stopped in front of a nice family house
After they let the dribbling cab driver go they came to the door and knocked
A 16-to-17 - year-old boy answered the door and greeted them with perfect clarity
- Hey guys - he cried out with great joy
"I am Ági and this is my friend Gabi" said the girl
- It's Pierre We've been waiting for you mom's making lunch How was your trip? "he asked as he walked them into the House" The two girls glanced at each other and reassured Pierre that their journey was very good but a little tiresome That's when Zsuzsa his aunt Ági who had lived here with her family for nearly 20 years
- Well hello there Look at you twig you look good We've been waiting for you Come to the dining room lunch is ready Gerard will be home soon - Zsuzsa was a 36-year-old woman with black hair and a good figure who seemed to want nothing Her skin was tanned by a tanning salon her face had not a shred of wrinkles and aerobic had a good effect on her body
The lunch was filled with questions and cheerful answers Meanwhile Zhuzsa's French husband Gerard arrived home He was a tall man about 185 maybe two years older than his wife but his age didn't show Athletic body oily skin
Now that there was a comparison Gabi and Ági took a closer look at Pierre The boy was showing the beneficial effects of athletics Turns out he's 17 but the girls are already hanging on him in curls the school's number one athlete
There was a bottle of fine French wine then another then another The atmosphere was getting better but Pierre felt a little uncomfortable for he had not been drinking and the two guests looked at him with more and more unmistakable eyes
Ági opened the company first saying that the long journey and the wine made him sleepy and he wanted to take a shower first
Zsuzsa showed me her room and then left her alone Ági took her clothes off and took a shower in the bathroom The hot shower was a pleasant refreshment to her body and she remembered young Pierre again
He started caressing her breasts her belly her thighs and then his increasingly demanding pussy His mind was swirling What happened on the train was now so rambling in his mind that he implicated young Pierre in it
Pierre went to his room to call his girlfriend and discuss the evening's schedule when he heard strange noises coming from the bathroom He stopped outside the door and started listening He heard breathing and wheezing from the inside and he immediately thought " Aghi's sick" He opened up and his feet were rooted in the ground He was in the big bathtub with his back to him resting his feet on the edge of the tub masturbating Pierre didn't dare move to break the spell but his shorts got tighter and tighter He reached involuntarily and began to caress himself as much as possible at the same rate as brani She kept fantasizing and getting closer to orgasm He actually thought about the boy's body that he would pull out his dick and offer it to him "Oh yeah come on Pierre put your dick in my mouth"he thought but only thought he did for Pierre heard him sigh
- Do you mind if I help you? - the boy asked half-assed He turned as if he had been scorched and was surprised to find Pierre standing at the doorand his manhood was ready to fight
- No honey it wouldn't bother me I simply demand your help - he said it as he grabbed the boy by the tail and put it in his mouth At first he tasted it slowly wanted to taste ai He licked the young cock with his tongue round and round and licked it long from its base to its acorn and then put it deep into his throat Pierre didn't even know if it was a boy or a girl You've been through this before your girlfriend gave you oral sex once but where's that from? He felt like his dick was about to explode This was felt by Ági since Pierre's Dick had already taken on a size that he really did not mind()


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