Cuck Wife Brutally Humiliates Loser Husband

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It happened on a hot summer day at my grandparents ' house when I was on vacation There was a girl next door that we knew since we were kids Her name was Nika she was such a titty girl She had long black hair brown eyes and a beautiful smile and she was blessed with a very beautiful figure I was 17 he was 18
No one was home so I had the whole place to myself that day I went out for a walk this morning before the temperature of 104 degrees came up and I met Nika on the way We soon spoke and we continued our journey together Turns out she's alone too so we decided to go to my grandparents ' house and then we'd keep ourselves busy at least entertain each other until the ancients got home It was a very pleasant evening
After we arrived I took out a bottle of something nice to drink from the fridge and we went to the coolest room in the house but it was still warm enough so we quickly set the fan on and the blinds down The light that had passed between the wooden blocks of the old shutters gave way to the room and the fan's roar was mixed into the air
As we talked we started talking about love and as the minutes went by we were getting more and more racy in our love lives It got to the point where I told him about my adventure with Nora and teacher Eve Meanwhile we laughed a lot but it wasn't awkward because we've been friends since we were little
- Tell me how do you find me? - he asked me shortly
- You look beautiful - I answered with noble simplicity-I like you very much
- Really? - yeah - he asked a little blushing
- I really do
- Better than teacher Nora? - he asked laughing
And I started laughing and then for the sake of the game I answered with a maybe
- Hmm so these are just maybe as good as teacher Nora? "he inquired laughing and grasping her breasts which were already quite visible from beneath her low-cut short sleeve
- Well I can't be sureI haven't seen them all - I answered
And she started putting on her top but before her boobs came out she stopped and smiled funny
- You want me to show you don't you? - he asked
I would have lied if I'd said no but I didn't say yes I just smiled naughty myself The atmosphere was starting to get hot Maybe the hot summer weather did the trick We used to play like this for a long time until we finally started to wrestle and our hands got closer to each other's intimate zones and then my hand slipped to his right breast and he laughed and pushed me a little bit away and I held him and we turned around and I was on top
And that's when the moment came from which things began to spin uncontrollably As we turned around our faces got really close and we stopped We were lying on the couch holding each other tight and our mouths were just inches away and our eyes touched I could feel her heart beating her breathing There was a drop of sweat rolling down his face and his eyes were glowing I couldn't take it anymoreI kissed her And he kissed me back with great passion We ate each other for a long time and we caressed each other hugged each other I wandered all over her body with my hands I smoothed her face grabbed her tits and then I kept sliding down and I slipped my hand under her butt and I grabbed her It felt wonderful
As our instincts grew stronger we kissed more passionately we hugged each other and suddenly I felt Nika's hand was somewhere near my pants and she started caressing my dickand then she reached into my pants and grabbed the sharpening tool All the while he looked me in the eye and whispered in my ear that what he was holding wanted to feel inside him
We started ripping each other's clothes off and we kept caressing and kissing each other Nika took my shirt off while I took hers off and then the pants came on()


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