Club bathroom

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I'm a man in his 40s 6 '4" blond hair green eyes a bit of a big man who loves women all his life and still loves women nudity and sex long meaningful lovemaking along with the tenderness that comes with it When I started having sex (Late Late 23 years old) I was a little shy about the size of my penis because fate didn't give me big sizes it was small and skinny Its size is no secret its rigid state is 15cm long and 4 cm in diameter Doesn't it look ridiculous? But fate has proven otherwise Women loved and loved this lovely and constantly erect phallus of mine along with my big scrotum In what state of rest? Well depending on the weather between two and five centimeters To excite it quickly grows to its size
I had a hard time fighting my inhibitions because of my size because I always saw how big and thick everyone else was I longed for it to be as big and thick as yours but there was no way to enlarge it I used to shave the hair at the base of my phallus regularly to make it look bigger Don't I look like a hiu and a fool? But that's who I was and I'm staying When it came to nudism I was the first to go to his church where I was no longer ashamed of my size In fact I was proud to walk naked with my little dick hanging between my legs sometimes barely showing out of the fur because it was barely two inches long in its hanging state But I wasn't shy anymore all my inhibitions are gone I didn't mind the bigger sizes anymore To prove it in the book I'm going to print some naked pictures of myself and the acts I participated in at the end of my book [Can we see these pictures too???] I began to devour women for which my profession helped me greatly as I am a photographer and I began to live in the nude photography If I had a chance and I had a lot of opportunities I'd fuck my models At first I was very excited to see the naked female body always taking pictures of it with a standing phallus and then later I just got excited by the body of a woman dressed in a light suit Now I've made love to hundreds of women though I've never been driven by strigoi I've always been inspired by the knowledge of the body and the lovemaking of the new and the other beautiful woman new and new adventures new and new women
But let's get to the point because my body and my soul are already well acquainted It was the beginning the nudity the lovemaking the sex and the love of women I could not find a club or nightclub anywhere in Hungary where lovers of love and nudity could have been found in a place where I could have had all my desires
So I had the idea that nudity and sex should be a club This thought was followed by swift action I've been looking for a place to get together decorating building a sauna working out a club session plan (Sex video screening erotic games erotic massaging each other sauna) Then I put up the ad I was shocked by the number of applications A lot of single men and women and a lot of couples signed up My heart was so crazy about how good my idea was and I'm not the only one who's into nudity and sex First I called a meeting on Friday at Five O'clock making sure that the two are not equally present
First opening day:
I spent all day caring for my body I took a good bath shaved smeared myself with the best perfume At Five O'clock naked wearing nothing but my robe I opened the door with anxiety All the guests were already standing quietly in line at the gate It was a big surprise for me I invited them in quickly Everyone went to the locker room and got naked Some of them were businessmen florists dancers PHOTO Models important public figures But everyone here was the same naked There was no difference only between the Sexes Everyone was free happy and hungry for sex At the bar they sat around the tables mixed with men and women Some of the girls sat at the bar where I served her One of the girls about 20 years old her profession as a model photo reached behind the counter and grabbed my limp penis and it swelled to its full size filling her hand The girl looked at him naughty and stroked my acorn and scrotum It felt so good I wanted to leave the bar and make love to her But I couldn't because I had to serve the guests The orders kept coming and I delivered the drinks with a standing penis and a couple of the guests responded by stroking my dick By the time I delivered everyone's drink my dick almost went off with all the soft and sweet - arousing caresses among the guests Back at the bar the model girl was squatting behind the counter and when I walked in she grabbed my dick with her hand and put it in her mouth He smoked on it licked it with his tongue very softly and it immediately shot a sea of cum into his sweet mouth()


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