Claudia e il suo Toy TIPS in fica

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Feverish preparation After all a girl can't look any different when she meets her lover again after two weeks I combed my hair and found over and over that this brown mane is not exactly a man's dream though as far as I'm concerned I just messed up and declared my hair done if he doesn't like it he can do it himself - I thought grinning I pulled out my eyes with black eyeliner My mom said I look like a bad girl It wasn't so bad as it was but it was more subtle so as not to scare my friend away Over a black bra I put on a slightly transparent white dress It looks like a simple top only it has a part in suspenders I put my hip on him I hung a rosary around my neck which is why my mom and my girlfriend who I told looked at me funny I like to mix things up my style doesn't have a word for it It just seemed funny to put on that chain for a sexy little outfit
I was quickly deployed before the computer to see who was up on MSN and my dear didn't tell me what time he was coming just about It's usually on time but it's been a while since you came in at 3/4 b12 instead of 10: 00 in the morning which was fine then because at least I got a good night's sleep but still:)
I thought I'd play solitaire with one of my friends when I was shaking my hair back so I could look right in the eye with the window open and then I saw him Well it's an understatement to say I had a heart attack I slammed the window and opened the door I would have thrown myself on his lips when I saw what he was talking about I had a chin slide in during practice so I got stitches from a nasty wound I thought that was really great After a lame-ass kiss I placed in the corner of his mouth we entered my room
After he took off his coat and shoes and I put down the chocolate he brought I hugged him and I bit my lower lip so I wouldn't cry Yes I've been very sensitive lately so much but I've missed him so much But I finally got to hold her rub my face against her neck and inhale her intoxicating scent no not her perfume her skin His own scent which always makes my stomach quiver my knees soiled and I'm lost in the embrace But it always does It's one of the best feelings in the world I think hugging the person you love and turning it off for minutes and just giving yourself the feeling without thinking of painful and disturbing things
When we parted we fell into my bed reaching through a soft fluffy Tiger bedspread The tv's right across the bedwe always watch it from there I was nestled in his shoulder bag pressed my face to his skin and he put his hands on my hips He kept admiring my outfit often looking at the cleavage
I don't even remember what was on TV anymore after all what mattered was that I finally had my love by my side
Our hands began to wander under each other's clothing more and more frequently so to speak into" neutral " areas which increasingly increased the desire for that hand to glide through new areas all the way to the To the remote yes
He turned off the TV and rolled over me with a grin
- You didn't think I'd last long when you played me like that and wrapped me around your little finger did you?
I laughed at the question but instead of answering I put his face in the parentheses of two palms and gently kissed his upper lip which was intact She kissed me back it was as good as the first time we ever did it I avoided the suture with my lips but it sobered me up every time warned me I couldn't lose my head Sometimes it didn't work and then it was either he who shuffled up from the pain or me from the end of the suture stuck in my mouth When we did we'd smile and we'd wander around with little kisses
Meanwhile my hand glided on his not-so-calming but well-developed muscular back slowly moving down to his buttocks I rolled up his sweater as long as I could and then it went up letting me pull it off
- Oh boy
He said it with an accomplice grin and bright eyes Every smile is different and as always I'm immersed in it Just like in his touch Some are as delicate as butterflies while the next is cruel as the bitterness of life At first I was afraid to give myself to someone to be completely vulnerable Sometimes I still feel that I'm afraid that he might see my hard-crafted armor and see me A little girl sitting trembling and longing with her back against the wall You must have seen it a thousand times He lives in there with me You know me too well
Her skin is incredibly silky and how warm she is as she caresses under my hand And the thrill of getting to a ticklish spot but unable to pull it out of my grip


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