Chubby british sub drilled hard by maledom

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When you get to your apartment you open the door for me after a relatively long wait but the minute I see you I'll forgive you because you just got out of the shower
You're wearing a little robe of something very delicate that allows you to see the excitable contour of your shapely breasts the perfect shape of your slender body
I only hope you won't take my rapid mustra as an intrusion but the naughty little smile on your beautiful face with your wet hair tells a different story
I come in blushing and it doesn't help my adventurous fantasy that you don't leave enough room for me to marry you without touching you
Whether it was intentional or not the effect will not go away As our skin touches each other for a moment I feel a pleasant chill coursing through my body and I suddenly feel a sudden urge to inhale deep into your pleasant fragrance that will not escape your attention As soon as you cut me off in the hall to show me the error it becomes clear that the previous move was intentional because now you're touching me gently but a little longer than before which makes me feel like it's not just about fixing this thing I'll follow your graceful hips to the broken sink and unload my tools
Just a little clog and a gasket change but I'll try to spend as much time lying on the floor putting my head under the sink while you're walking up and down the kitchen around me not caring that your dressing-gown band is slowly unfolding At first your cleavage is opening up and more and more of the lines of your fantastic breasts are showing and I bless the kitchen counter above me to cover your head so you can't see that I'm barely taking my eyes off you while I'm fiddling with my tools No not with that
I just hope you don't realize that I'm having some serious changes in my pants but as you keep stepping over me I can almost see from the bottom into your opening robe which is just oil on the fire and it won't take much to keep my boner from coming out of my pants under my loosely bound belt which I'm only helping with my hands while I'm in the outfit
I feel like the tables are turning when my shirt goes over my navel because all of a sudden you stop walking and all I see is you leaning back to the kitchen counter and looking at me
As she gets to your breasts again I can't help but notice that your nipples are now nicely drawn through the fine fabric and as you pull one half of the robe away from your thighs in a graceful motion it becomes clear what's going on
The effect won't go away because my cock will inevitably appear at this sight and my entire Acorn will be over the line of my belt I don't have much use for adjustments anymore so I'd rather let him live his own life which you might as well acknowledge with more breathing You're walking towards me so slowly that those few steps seem to be minutes and you're crouching up next to me so you can say it to my face:
- I'll give you some privacy if you don't mind
At the same time you put your hand gently on my stomach right next to my dick and as you bend over one of your nipples becomes visible
I'm trying to look you in the eye but your touch makes my blood boil and I need to look at your peeping-out rock-hard nipples
 Yeah go aheadI'll be fine for a while
The sound of my voice makes you smile and torture me even more as you take your hand across my stomach and "accidentally" touch my dick
I can't take my eyes off your shapely ass as you walk into the next room but you leave the door open a crack
Soon I'll be paying attention to faint sighs which leads me to believe that you're not interested and I need to see that
I'm testing my work by washing my hands and trying to get to the door without a sound to peep in
The sight of you amazes me and I stare with my mouth open as you caress yourself with your eyes closed in a chair
With all my courage I speak to you:
- Can I help you?
You don't seem surprised and your seductive smile answers for you
Slowly I'm going to get behind you and put my hand gently on your shoulders while you're still stroking yourself here and there I'm gonna slide my fingers down slowly and open your breasts with just a blanket over them so you can
now I can admire your fantastic breasts in all its splendour making sure I don't touch your dark pink inviting nipples The amazement that comes from the sight of your beautiful bosom is almost rooted in my feet and my inaction makes you look up to see how long I've kept you waiting but as you see on my face the mixture of Wonder and shock you smile and continue to pamper your body I can't believe I'm touching such a beautiful breast and I'm starting to caress the twins with the finest slowest moves possible avoiding your nipples which you obviously like because you're breathing more and more()


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