Caned and fucked


It's been six months since Eve and I were unwittingly involved in an unwanted sexual experience We've made love several times since then but I've noticed Eve isn't enjoying it as much as she used to I thought a lot about it until I finally decided to ask him what was wrong The answer almost knocked me over It turns out that Eva has often thought about what it was like to have sex with a bunch of people at the same time or to have sex with us
It took me a day or two to settle what he said and I sat down to talk to him again We finally agreed to try the s/m version of sex but only as long as we both wanted to
And that's when I got the next surprise because Eve walked up to her closet and took out a box with various leather straps clothes and other tools He told me that he had already thought that we should try but he didn't dare tell me until now
We both took a quick shower and put on those leather clothes that were in the box Needless to say the clothes didn't cover much of us and the sight of Eve and the unusual feeling made my dick hard
Eva was very pretty in her dress almost all leather under which she wore leather panties in The Shape of a thong I was wearing just a pair of pants and a really breeze T-shirt
Eve decided to be in charge today and I agreed
We began to kiss and my hand set off to explore his well-known body when he suddenly stepped back and said I could only do what he said He ordered me to kneel before him and start kissing his feet I slowly went up from the ankle to the knee with little kisses when I felt a blow on my back It didn't hurt but the surprise made me stiff and looked up to him
"That's enough" he said " come to the bed I have to tell you we have a nice old-fashioned copper bed with a grate on both ends
When I got to the bed he laid me on his back tied my hands and feet tightly to the bed So I could only move with my body Then to my surprise he took out a gag and put it in my mouth He tied the belt in the back and asked me if I wanted to continue Since it wasn't unpleasant and I was curious what he wanted to do I nodded my head With the gag he opened my mouth so good that it didn't hurt and he took out a bottle of Scotch from the liquor cabinet It slowly started to drip into my mouth and I swallowed as best I could It was soon that I had a very pleasant feeling as I rarely drink alcohol but we only keep you home for the guests When he saw I was already affected by the whiskey he stopped drinking and put the bottle away
"Perhaps you will be more obedient" he said I was looking forward to the sequel which didn't keep you waiting He took off both sides of my pants which had held my dick so long and began caressing it with a pen I didn't have to give my dick a lot of encouragement but the caress made him grow even more and then the unusual situation made me feel that it was near the point where there was no stopping But unfortunately not only did I notice it but Eve too stopped caressing me and squeezed the base of my penis with a leather strap which she never took off Needless to say it wasn't the best feeling but he told me I could only enjoy it if he let me
I still had the throbbing feeling of repressed fulfillment when I felt the straps and my legs which had been lying on the bed were placed on the lattice at the end of the bed in a very large spread and tied them again
From my upper body after unbuttoning the hidden buttons he removed the shirt that didn't cover much So I was completely naked on the bed Meanwhile my throat started to dry out but the gag kept me from talking
Then he took out a whip of thin straps and began to stroke with it and struck with it My body spasmed as the straps pulled through my chest Yet more and more not too strong but still painful blows struck my body gradually descending He was systematically whipping me from my chest to my foot leaving only my groin out And there was nothing I could do because I was tied up I was just looking at Eve's face I noticed something new and yet familiar I've only ever seen this happen during an orgasm
As he knelt beside me I looked at his groin and I was astonished to see that his thong was completely wet and that the scent of the moisture of my nose was so well known That's when I realized how the sight of my pain affected him To know this I had previously been clenched and thus a little flaccid in my tail life returned and raised his head
The straps stroked up my thighs and reached my groin and began to pamper my Manhood In the meantime Eva stripped her wet thong off and laid it on my face()


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