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16 'Chapter III
On The Way To Djidjelli
After all Hans had to travel back to Europe the next day The situation got even more complicated because Charles and Vivienne didn't want to go to Tunisia but to go straight to Egypt so they could spend as much time in the Pharaoh's country as possible I on the other hand out of curiosity insisted on Tunisia so in the end we agreed to split up and meet in Cairo Hans had a credit card made for me at the beginning of our trip to Africa so I had no reason to worry about what traveling alone meant Although he was the one who was really scared of it I was not the least bit frightened of the idea I had travelled alone enough and there was no problem I could not solve
Hans called himself a cab and I said goodbye to my Belgian friends and headed for Tunisia Hitchhiking seemed like the most obvious solution Hans took my bags with him and I had only one duffel bag with the most incredible things Of course it was the least I could do My favorite roomboy was happy to take me to the main road in his Ford
It was morning but the sun was already on and the temperature quickly reached an unbearable level I was wearing a sleeveless white belly button-top blouse and a white miniskirt plus sandals Not much clothing but in this heat it was too much and I felt like taking everything off at once But not in an arab country where women should only be seen in headscarves in the first place Oh well I was different from arab women Maybe that's why the arab men adored me
After a short wait an old Chevrolet stopped it must have been very old probably worth a lot in its original state but in America it was only seen in the junkyard I went after him I put my bag I put it in the back seat and I sat next to the hairy arab in his 40s and he greeted me with a smile After a short conversation he told me:
-I'm on my way to El Harrach and I can take you to Djidell and then you need to find someone to take you to Tunisia
It was very hot in the car and the temperature was up to 40 degrees He could see I was hot and he would open all four windows to make a draught
- Are you still warm? - he asked
- Yeah - yeah - I answered
- Well I can't help that
The air conditioning wasn't in the car I was able to help myself I let out some buttons on my blouse so it wasn't too ostentatious but with proper positioning especially when I was leaning forward or sideways my breasts popped out
The man Ali he talked a lot he talked a lot he talked a lot he talked a lot of things and he lit one cigarette after another that smelled worse than stinky
- I guess you're thirsty "he observed when he saw me hanging my head out the window which had been lowered to cool the draught" He gave me a box of beer - There's more under the seat
Although the beer was warm it felt really good to have some liquid Our conversation about American politics has suddenly changed to Scottish golf courses I couldn't find the connection between the two topics but I was getting used to these sudden changes
- I got a better one "Ali cried with a smile when she saw that her cigarette smoke was not very pleasing to me"
From the glove compartment he took out a black tin box full of hand-rolled cigarettes He smoked and gave me one I'm screwed and it was a joint The journey was beginning to turn out well After about 15 minutes I felt the effects of the warm beer still amplified We laughed so much almost anything we said just laughed about it everything turned into so much fun We laughed at arab music on the radio sheep grazing along the road clouds anything you wouldn't normally laugh at The atmosphere was very pleasant I used to wiggle my seat a lot and as a result my miniskirt rolled up and my stubby cunt rubbed into the fabric of the seat He wasn't looking between my legs I guess he didn't noticehe was just looking at my breasts one by one and the other by the cut of my blouse Now leaning against the door I sat across from him pressed my back against the door my left foot resting on his seat my right foot on the ground my miniskirt slid up to my belly button my blouse tilted slightly to the right so my right breast was exposed I sat there facing Ali in my left hand a beer can in my right hand a pot cigarette a hot African wind blowing through the window cooled my sweaty breasts and my wet shiny stubble pussy We laughed and laughed and I was up in the air and he was stealing at first and then encouraged he started staring at my body parts with clarity We've been traveling like this for a long time and I'm high as a kite I was getting sleepy I put on my sunglasses and sat back in my seat Due to road repair we kept moving slower and slower until we stopped()


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