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Anna had planned to spend the first night only at the apartment talking and playing board games Anna Karchi 23 also lives in an apartment with a college student has a separate room Charlie spends very little time in his apartment because if he's not in school he's working somewhere That was the same night Charlie bartended at the bar
Anna and Kata ate a bottle of wine during the conversation which made them very happy They couldn't really pay attention to board games anymorethey laughed at everything Charlie came from work he heard the girls were still up and they were laughing So he joined them and brought in another bottle of wine The two girls were embarrassed for a few seconds but the silence soon passed He started asking questions about Kata karchy Boys of course Kata was confused about how she hadn't even kissed yet No boy needs her because she has small breasts sometimes more like a boy than a girl Unlike her sister she began to praise her beautiful round bottom her shapely breasts her desirable mouth Charlie smiled at Anna who was very embarrassed and embraced her sister Charlie drew closer to the two girls took Kata's waist and kissed her on the lips and she encouraged kissed him After they stopped kissing Charlie took two slightly drunk girls ' hands and led them to his bedroom
The girls got a little discouraged but they went with the boy
Charlie laid the two girls side by side on the double bed They were both anxious to see what would happen next Charlie kissed Kata again who didn't resist at all Anna lay beside her sister caressing Charlie's back As Charlie kissed Kata began to caress her small but tight breasts under the shirt and was happy to discover that she was not wearing a bra Kata's been through something she's never experienced before Her nipples were tense almost screaming for Charlie to put it in her mouth When Charlie pulled up Kata's T-shirt and saw the teensy nipples he took one right between his lips Kata moaned softly Meanwhile Anna came out of her shirt and caressed herself her hands were on her curves Sometimes he rubbed his chest harder sometimes his wet throbbing pussy through his panties
Karchy liked the way Anna stroked herself and she went down on Kata's fragile body who was losing her mind with excitement Her pussy got wet it was throbbing Charlie pulled her tiny underwear off Kata completely hairless Charlie dipped his tongue in Kata's wet swollen labia Kata moaned up just couldn't place the feeling Meanwhile Anna took off her panties and rolled her breast with one hand and with the other hand stroking her clitoris in her wet pussy she was close to the top It's been a long time since she's been with a man and she really wanted to have sex Charlie pushed Anna's hand away from her pussy While Kata was pleasuring with her tongue Anna was pleasuring with her hands
Anna's pussy was completely inclusive Wet warm swollen eager for satisfaction At first he played with both girls ' foals sometimes harder sometimes softer Both girls were writhing on the bed waiting to be enjoyed But Charlie knew what he was doing took his time gave both girls enough time The boy got rid of his clothes almost unnoticed and his tool which was under the trousers almost pushed the buttons Kata grabbed her waist and dragged her to the edge of the bed You told Anna you'd find something in the bottom drawer of the nightstandtake it out Anna quickly jumped up opened the drawer and to her surprise found a vibrator in it Charlie took it from him and put Anna back on the bed Kata didn't care about the outside world anymore she just waited for something to happen because her wet throbbing pussy couldn't handle it anymore It was torture but it felt good
Karchi took his stiff tool and put it in Kata's pussy first he touched it the tip of his tail got wet and now Karchi could barely control himself but he controlled himself Now he was working with Kata with both hands but he was watching Anna's hand who had once more been poking around her vagina with four fingers()


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