**BIGG MIXX** 007s ** KETS STAR** part 1 of 5

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This story was told by a friend of mine and I just embellished it a little
So we're 18 me and my girlfriend I'm Emese tall thin dark-haired girl my girlfriend's a pony slightly shorter than me with beautiful long brown hair and nice round breasts We've known each other a long time we became good friends in elementary school It's also part of the truth that we're both sex - hungry-we lost our virginity early on and we're not exactly monogamous When we turned 18 we decided to celebrate with something memorable: trying ourselves out in a porn movie
We started organizing months before that We signed up for a commercial for one of the film companies and after we got through the first interviews and proved to be physically fit we got the date of the first recordings We were very excited: we didn't masturbate days before because we wanted to make that film as big as possible
Of course we had no intention of playing a lesbian scene because neither of us had ever been with a girl and we didn't want to Unfortunately the hearings didn't turn up anything because the producer kept talking about "the movie" and once they asked "Are you guys together?""then we misunderstood and calmly said yes So things got out of hand and it didn't come out until just before the shoot
That morning we arrived at the scene in an apartment The director-producer saw us and we were so excited But when we looked around all we saw were girls some in makeup a girl (pretty enough) lying naked on one of the beds We were shooting in the other room
"The boys will be there" I whispered in Moni's ear He just nodded
We didn't have to wait long the director already told us to get naked put on some makeup and then rehearse We went to the bathroom we got all excited and naked Not too loudbut more natural Monica made it very beautiful she was glowing but I couldn't complain There's a couple of girls in the apartment who said we were really cute But where are the guys? Our pussy was itchy
We went into the room where it was freshly made with a big double bed with a nice blue sheet above it a nice colored paper fan hanging on the wall There were several cameras lined up across from the bed there were some experts who were messing around on one of them and I saw a handheld on the table The director came to us
- I see you girls are beautiful Let's get started you can go to bed Camera ready?
"Ready" said the man Me and Moni knelt on the bed pretty silly facing the biggest camera and we were kind of waiting for the roast pigeon in a ridiculous way The director looked around a little and then he spoke:
- Okay girls you're on we're on - Monica and I had a confused look at each other
- Yeah But what do we do? - I did Our initial excitement had subsided and we were more nervous
- What do you mean Make Love? Whatever you want it's just a rehearsal
- What? With each other??? - You could hear the indignation in Moni's voice The director was pissed off because we talked about it but we kept saying we weren't lesbians In the end we got into a huge fight with the filmmakers and we left without a penny and we were pretty humiliated We got in my car and we were driving home (I just got my driver's license and now I was driving even more insecure)
"That's rubbish" said Moni
- It is "But it's really our fault too" I said - We didn't get things straight
- Yeah but still - And then we didn't really talk for a while We both had the same thing: we're not lesbians why should we have sex with each other? But I've actually been thinking about what it's like I've seen Monica naked and we've masturbated a lot together and I wasn't disgusted by the idea of touching her but I wasn't attracted to her until then But now everything was so different I finally broke the silence
- That's what you think
- Huh?
- What do you think it's like? - I asked in fear my heart was in my throat
- What? - he asked but he knew what I was talking about
Before I could answer he was laughing and it made us both feel better
- Would you like to try it? - he asked It made me even more excited I never thought I would but I got turned on by the way you asked and I started fantasizing about it I've seen girls in movies with each other but they don't usually impress me Now however
- I don't know Well I might have
- Me too? - That question really made me crazyI pulled the car over the side of the street


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