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Draco Malfoy was not at all annoyed that he was once again forced to run behind the Golden three of the Gryffindor gang It was early autumn an inter-watch break and the students rushed out to the sun-bath yard Draco as we said was behind the trio of Harry Potter Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger
Draco and Potter were bound by old enmity This good relationship is practically dated before they even got into Hogwarts They had already come off the train with an irreconcilable conflict between Draco Potter and Weasley Granger's different Granger later struck Potter and this the origin of nomeg mugli provided ample grounds for Draco Malfoy to extend to him his unquenchable hatred
They were on their way out At the passageway the students were clogged the backsides were pushing ahead of them No matter how hard Draco tried to get his feet between feet he fell forward as a result of a push straight to Granger Draco unwittingly clung to her shoulder and grabbed her head to keep her chin from getting hit As he was a head taller than Granger he avoided a painful collision but his chin was smoothed over Granger's shaggy hair and his nose was smeared with her scent
It smelled weird Delicious yet sensual almost giddy It was only for a moment but Draco was very upset
- Step on me Malfoy - she hissed her head back
- As you wish Granger - Draco replied sarcastically Weasley would have turned to him but the crowd had already pushed them out into the yard where they could be scattered in the spacious square Gryffindor three turned to the right with Draco and Monstro to the left
He threw his back against a tree and stared at the crowd in silence He could see over almost everyone's head with his height and this was very good for him for he was looking at the other side of the court Gryffindor three Granger To Be Exact
He didn't know why he was so attracted to that mudblood right now Other times he was happy not to see me Or if so just to ease her gentleness But now she was far too far away from him to quarrel with him and at this moment she had no such thought in her mind for the future He just stared at her because he felt he had to stare Crak said something to him but he wouldn't listen It was completely off like there were only two eyes looking at me Hermione Granger
And she turned around There's no telling what Potter might have said to her before but a smile appeared on her face and her eyes met Draco's eyes Draco knew that she was not only looking at him but seeing him and that Draco was looking at him but not only did Granger's face not stop smiling but he even turned his head side mischievous and turned back turning his face to Draco until the last moment his eyes held the boy's eyes to the last moment
Draco felt like his heart was about to burst out of his chest His eyes were wide open he was gasping for air through his mouth
- You okay? - yeah - he asked her with concern At this moment the break was over and the crowd of the young Slytherin had concealed Granger from him
"Well" he replied quite late It occurred to me what he might have looked like and for a moment he smiled at himself and his worried bodyguard but the next thing I knew the picture of her appeared before him again And then there was that painfully sweet poignant feeling that made the whole world swoop in
In hindsight he couldn't remember what classes they had that day or who spoke to him or what he said to them It was only those moments before him that were real and reminiscent of when he could watch her again at lunch and dinner Because he had to watch
No one has ever noticed his behavior If he was speechless he was speechless He was Draco Malfoy the only son of rich and powerful Lucius Malfoy seventh-year prefect of Slytherin house He could afford anything in a certain way Even if he doesn't talk to anyone during meals and contemplates staring somewhere
But he was disturbed by his own behavior Not when he was staring at Granger but later The fact that he was staring at her alone bothered him And the conclusions you made about Granger while you were staring at him
She realized she was beautiful Funny he's never noticed that before But now you have to tell yourself that she is beautiful And the shape Slim shapely feminine And how graceful his moves are Your Laugh It looks so good on him And it sounds like silver bells ringing How could he not have seen this before? You've had so much beauty right under your nose for years how could you not see it?


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