Beautiful girl sewn


Wayne was sitting in his car in the dense stream of motor vehicles crawling towards Colleen's little apartment The house on the highway was 30 miles from training camp Normally it would not have been a long journey but at the height of the current peak on koraesti it was already an hour late towards its goal He's made three-quarters of the way so far His thoughts revolved around the conversation with David He wondered if he would dare tell his friend what his most secret sexual desire was He was afraid even to admit to himself that his thoughts revolved around David's wife Victoria A few years ago as a Sieder he saw and desired Victoria at a Spice Girls concert The star girl then independent living alone could not shake her brawny bosom and her hard-spaced ass out of her head Ever since then when he masturbated alone he had always grasped her breasts in his imagination gnawing at her hard nipples with his lips and after a long excursion in the wet-clutching pussy he could come behind the brown pink rings of the bismusanus on his thick tail in the hot rectum From his daydreaming his mobile's ringing sound brought him back to reality He saw Colleen's picture on the screen so he knew his girlfriend was calling
- Hey babe I'm coming your way in rush hour I wanted to surprise you that's why I didn't call you- he told her
- Hey Wayne I didn't know what was going on with you I haven't heard your voice today - the phone rang in her voice
- I thought I'd surprise you with an unexpected visit We're gonna go out have a nice dinner and we're gonna have a big chat Imagine we got an invitation a fantastic offer At the end of the week David and Victoria could go on a field trip What do you think? Make yourself available Ok?
- Wow this is a very unexpected but very pleasant surprise - she answered
 Think about it until I get to you I'll be there in half an hour or so
- Watch out honey on the way I'm waiting for you While you're here I'll make you a nice dinner Are you staying over tonight? - she asked
- With your permission I'd love to I don't feel like driving back in this heat and on a high-traffic stomach Tomorrow morning would be better I'll be back for practice
- I'm Waiting For You Darling Hey I'm going to make dinner
- Hi Honey I'll be there as soon as I can
- Be careful on the way Wayne Kiss you bye and I'll be waiting- she said goodbye
- I'll be careful I'll be quick and I'll kiss you honey Bye - the boy said goodbye
Wayne's phone conversation brought him back to reality He was already focused on traffic In the lane next to it the car was driven by a young woman with brown half-length hair His face was grumpy He was impatiently looking left and right in which lane to go faster The 25-to 30-year-old woman probably didn't have air conditioning in her car because she was lifting her deep-cut sweater with one hand and pulling it down so that she could cool down and warm her body during the heat of English age He's not wearing a bra - Wayne discovered it because she had a careless move to pop her left nipple in the deep cut of the sweater The boy's eyes were glued to the beauty of her breasts His attention was full of sight She looked at him and noticed that the man's eyes were clinging to the curves of his bosom She looked down and her face was covered in blush With a timid gesture he returned the young man's enchanting bosom to its place Wayne looked ahead and stepped on the brakes His car stopped inches behind the car in front of him He nodded with a smile to the unknown woman thanking her for her accidental experience This is when she met the young national football player whose picture she had seen on the cover of a lot of magazines lately Her lips stretched to a shy smile and she bowed to the gas and thanks to the line before her she pulled past the boy Each line began to move slowly Wayne after 15 minutes of continuous progress pulled into the far lane and then turned off the highway On the low-traffic side road he was ten minutes ' drive away by the time he arrived at Colleen's Little House The building was separated from the road by a small garden with flowers The boy stood in front of the house and he jumped out of the car and headed towards the House He broke a red rose in the garden clenched it between his teeth and rang the bell Coleen heard her gleaming voice:
- Hey Wayne honey I'll get it right away
He opened the entrance and saw the boy with a rose between his lips One thorn cut his lower lip and a red blood drop rolled down his chin with a dignified slow motion She took the flower out of the boy's mouth by surprise without taking his eyes off the drop of blood
- Honey I see your blood for me - he said it nicely to his friend
- Hi Sweetheart I'm finally here You see in blood in sweat but I'm yours 'replied the boy


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