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The whole thing started when I had to take a course and take an exam in the area around Kecskemét First the plan included a Saturday course and an afternoon exam but the course was changed to Friday afternoon and Saturday morning and the midday exam It crossed my mind that I was sleeping in pest on Friday with an old dancer friend because it would have been pointless to go there late at night and leave at dawn so I took a motel room near Kecskemét Since I only talked to ZSO on Saturday just before the midterm we only agreed to call him for a few minutes The whole thing went down and I went home I called Jo again on the way told her I passed the test and I'll be home around 5: 00 I'll be waiting for you and I may have a surprise but he didn't say anything more I was already on my dick ' cause that means he was having some kind of sex adventure or in the process I was doing well and I was home after 4: 30 I called zzo and he said he'd be with me soon In less than 20 minutes the intercom rang and I heard the familiar voice It's me but I already opened it He got up and kissed me dropped his stuff and sat down
"How was it" he asked and I told him all the confusion and that he had not slept at B's
'Wow' he said with a smile and I thought you were screwing your old girlfriend yesterday so I went out with my ex-boyfriend and two of my girlfriends and a friend Campfire bacon and whatnot
"That's what I want to know" I said but I knew the answer And then she told me that she thought I was with someone else and she didn't want to miss a little adventure so she called her ex-boyfriend and they went out to get some rest
 And then booze and the girls got warmed up and they both hit on my ex-boyfriend and disappeared into their room And then we didn't just sit around and take a shower and relive the old days and fuck half the time We woke up this morning and picked up where we left off at dawn and then you called and we thought it was over and we had another big goodbye "And here I am fucking tired but with wet pussy because I know you like it" he said laughing Oh look at you I'm already crazy about you and I pulled down the white linen pants but I could already smell the smell of cum and pussy On that chair I licked her sweet sweet wet pussy
 Come on let's go in the room 'I'd take a bath first' he said but I wouldn't let him because it makes me hot to smell flavors I don't careshe laughed if you want
I took off my clothes and Jo took off her shirt and lay on the bed I lay next to him and asked him to come over I really like that pose that I'm lying on my back and she's kneeling over me and like guys are fucking with women and she's licking her pussy He was happy to do it and I enjoyed re-possessing the pussy of my fucked-up woman I could smell the Battle of the night before and the moisture of their activity today and the taste and smell of fresh semen I licked every drop of it and gently pushed it down and put it in a prancing Dick He groaned with pleasure as I entered him and began to move I took her shapely ass with both hands and dictated the rhythm but I couldn't take it much longer and I had a really good time filling her sweet pussy He enjoyed almost with me and I always admire his ability to enjoy so much every day We rode for minutes until our wild desires calmed and rested upon me I kissed her and made sure she didn't mind what she didour relationship is mostly just about sex anyway
'Very well' he said and I saw him thinking a little and smiling What's up man? - I asked and smiled I was thinking since this is the way it is and seeing two of my girlfriends in a three-way with that guy yesterday I could invite another girlfriend over to my house and we could set up a three-way
"That's a very good idea" I said with enthusiasm and who she was You don't know him ' cause they just moved here and his husband's a butcher in Germany and he rarely comes home and they have three kids and she's hungry for a good fuck She's like 35 or 38 but she's really hot Okay I'm in but I'm going back to England tomorrow so when can we have this little party?
'Wait I'll call him' he said and he got off me all the way through my sack and shot me in the jizz He looked back and saw this and he leaned over and licked my dick and the bag and he hounded his prey I appreciated what he did and I gave him a kiss He called his girlfriend and I heard it might work out today Then we'll wait around 8: 00 and he'll give you my address Well the thing is he's about to go out for a little fun with his girlfriend and his kids are being taken by his sister so he's free tonight and he'll be here around 8: 00
"Great" I said with great pleasure We took a bath cleaned up a little bit and waited for the meeting that came I was wondering what she was like()


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