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I'd like to share with you the most exciting sexual experience I've ever had
I still get an erection just thinking about it
My ex-girlfriend's parents had a very nice family house the three of them living there and then I moved there for apartment problems His parents and I got along very well we were almost Friends My mother-in-law is 43 she's in her year she's a prude she's a little full she's got big tits Her husband worked a lot on a weekday usually came home late from his second job The only fun my father-in-law had was Formula 1 and two or three hours of tennis every Saturday
At the beginning of our relationship everything was fine in bed but then a few months after I moved there the sex wore off and in the worst case two weeks of our lives were just a couple of weeks of lovemaking It was strange though because when he got the hang of it it was only anal that was off-limits and he sucked my cock and I'm sure the first orgasm of our lovemaking was from my tongue and my fingers
It's important for the story to mention that he was in a correspondence school at the time and spent the last weekend of every month in the country
There was a time when we slept a little longer over the weekend My ex-father-in-law used to play tennis so my mother-in-law slept alone in the next room
I woke up a little earlier than my girlfriend
She liked it when she was asleep
I covered her shapely body and began to caress her beautiful breasts
First with my hand I slowly massaged her breasts then her nipples with my finger then licked her gently swirling my tongue around her tight tits My hand moved down and I gently stroked her clean-shaven pussy and then I excited her moistened cut with one finger Then he began to wake up slowly and acknowledge my movements with a good moan
At that point my cock was ready for action He was not idleand he pulled my skin up and down with his thumb rubbing my wet Acorn
We were in position 69 and like a bee licking I started sucking on her now-dripping pussy As usual a few minutes later thanks to the intense work of my tongue he breathed more and more rapidly and enjoyed by drilling his face into the pillow
I didn't have enough to come so I turned him over and shoved my entire length into his burning pussy He couldn't take it no more Not Out Loud
 but in order to know what's going on in the other room he groaned
After that I gave him a good poke in his pussy And then we switched positions and I punched him in the back of my dick After 15 or 20 intense shots I couldn't take it anymore and since he wasn't on the pill I pulled out my dick and I shot him in the back with three or four shots At this moment the door will open and mother-in-law will look in
Imagine me on my knees with a boner my girlfriend's back full of sperm her hair in curls the lust hasn't even come off our faces and my mother-in-law is staring at me like a calf at a new gate
As soon as he took off what happened he mumbled something confused and closed the door
I don't know who was more embarrassed uh that I think he's seen a stiff dick again for months maybe years or we that he walked in on us in the middle of our fun
We After we calmed down laughing thought that maybe now you've learned something new that you'll try
Life didn't stop of course
After all this history I began to fantasize about my mother-in-law how I could get her laid and while I was screwing her daughter I often thought about her womanly body
After that incident there were a lot of cases where he "accidentally" walked in while I was taking a bath I mean all of a sudden it didn't matter if I saw her dressed or even if she made it look like she was wearing a dress when I got home
This prude turned out to be a challenging flirtatious erotic creature
Of course on the last Friday of the month I took my friend out to the train knowing that on Sunday night Intercity would bring her home


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