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After almost an hour of intercourse we reached out in the double bed gasping and exhausted Ákos asked me in a very respectful tone:
- Where Did you learn that Imola?
Suddenly I had no idea what to lie about And then I decided not to lie and if you care about my friend I'll tell you the truth
- At home
He looked at me in amazement
- At home? I don't get it
- My mom taught me that And my brother
I told him what I told you in my book "Fopro" and he nodded in silence with a sarcastic smile
- What are you smiling about? - I asked him angrily
- You have too much imagination You know who believes that
- You don't think so?
- No I'm not
- Why not?
- Come on little girl I didn't come off the wall today Are you trying to tell me that today was your first time with a boy that he was your brother and your mother taught you how to fuck each other? Come up with a better story than that if you're trying to trick me
- I bet it's true
- Bet on what?
- Three bottles of vintage champagne We're all out at home anyway
- Okay - okay We had a deal But how do you prove it?
- Let's shower get dressed You're coming to my house You can interrogate my mom and my brother
Ákos looked at me with a look but he didn't ask me anything gave me a clean towel from the closet and we went silent towards the bathroom An hour later we were standing outside the door of our apartment even though we went to the store to get the champagne My friend paid for it but on the condition that if I don't prove it I'll pay him back
 I introduced him to my mom
"Hello" said My mother smiling - My daughter has told me so much about you
I could see that Ákos was enjoying his demeanor flattering his vanity to be thought of as a serious guy I introduced him to Attila and then I got right to the point
- These three champagne are our bet because my knight in shining armor won't believe I fucked my brother before I went to see him Can you prove that I'm not bullshitting that you're telling us what to do?
- Did you tell them everything? - my mom looked at me
Not angry curious
- Everything
- The one I showed you?
- Yeah - yeah I told you how you licked my tits and how we sucked Attila's Dick
"I think you are even crazier than I am my dear girl" he said in anger but I could feel in his voice that it was just a sort of muharag and I did not have to take it seriously
- Well? - I looked at Ákos - Did we convince him?
- Is that true? - my friend asked Attila - You fucked your sister this morning?
- Yeah my brother nodded - And I ended up spraying it in his mouth
Ákos was scratching his head looking at mom like that
- Maybe they liked to talk and it's just a practical joke
My mom frowned for a second and then she looked at me in question
- Imola? What do you think? Maybe you lost the bet?
- Maybe not
I came out of my shirt with one quick move and I stepped in front of my brother
- Come on Ati suck it
My brother blushing but bewitched looked at my pointy elongated breasts and then bowed closer and actually sucked on one of my nipples
- What do you think Ákos? - my mom asked my boyfriend - Don't I have such smart kids?
"I am speechless" said the boy
- What do you say we drink pertu? If Imola has won his champagne you might want to open one of them I'll get some glasses
By the time Champagne was in the glasses Attila was sucking on my other tit and we kissed a little between the two blowjobs
"Come children a little champagne won't hurt you" my mother called
He had a toast with Ákos they kissed and then my mom kissed my boyfriend on the mouth not too long but rather sensuously
- Hi Ákos
- Hi - hi
- Eva-helped my mom - Call Me Eva
- Cheers Eve
- Can I ask you something?
- Yeah sure What is it?
- Take off your clothes
My friend looked at my mother astonished but she could not help but hear what she heard
- I don't know - he asked not very witty
- I wonder what you look like naked I want to know what kind of guy fucked my daughter And if there's a need there might be a little erotica What are you waiting for? Get undressed Wait I'll pour you some more
Ákos drank another glass of champagne and then began to undress By the time he pulled his pants down his dick was ready to fight and he looked up hard
- Not bad - my mom was checking out the boy - You look like a good boy
- I am - he hummed in front of you - Right Imola?
- That's right I nodded - You fucked me so hard I could barely breathe during my orgasms


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