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In the small park covered with bright green grass the automatic sprinkler turned its refreshing spray around In the foliage of the shapely Little Trees a few birds chirped enjoying the freshness of the early summer morning Few people have spent time around here There was a tall athletic man walking on one of the walks of the park He was walking not only in passing time but firmly but not in haste towards his unknown purpose For simplicity's sake let's call him Peter
He was wearing a dark green light sporty linen jacket a shade lighter trousers fashionable brown leather shoes He wasn't wearing a tie but he didn't seem to miss the whole picture He was a handsome fresh-shaven man in his 40s strong a little square but still endearing features wide straight shoulders narrow hips well-combed hair Crossing the little square he turned into the street that led to the local shopping district A man on his face greeted him and he nodded politely smiling but did not stop moving at a steady pace A few minutes later he entered the revolving door that functioned as the side entrance to the three-storey large shopping mall There was a small amount of traffic and not many people can choose this form of pastime on a weekday morning
From one of the shops in the Far East there was a quiet music a little further away two shopgirls in form were chatting The air was a few degrees cooler than it was out on the street thanks to the air conditioning that was doing its job without making any noise Our hero reached the stairs to the floor and he stepped up quickly to the second floor On a whim or calculation he did not choose an escalator which went up and down at the end of the Hall On the second floor there was a long corridor following one of the wings of the building small shops and office spaces on both sides There were only three people in the Hall Peter a mother with a small child and an older gentleman As we reached the end of the corridor our hero looked up at the name plate of one of the shops "Oasis fish and birds" He stopped in front of the window The port side portal was filled with a brightly lit aquarium full of colorful fish and on the right side a huge cage was occupied by two large buoyant parrots
He looked through the glass door but he didn't see anyone in there He opened up and a little tune came up indicating the door was opened A few seconds later a young lady stepped out of a side room or storage room
- Hi How can I help you?
- I kiss your hands I was here a few days ago talking to a gentleman He promised me that this week the Artemics would arrive
- I'm just helping out here for a few weeksI'm afraid I can't tell you that You must have talked to the manager
- I'm sure Maybe you could look into it?
 If you can wait a few minutes I'll try to call the chief
- All right I'll take a look around "Peter said and then set off to admire the many Aquariums which were placed next to the wall on a circular platform In the middle of the store there was a huge sea aquarium because of its special bluish lighting the fish corals various flower animals other seafood were glowing in Fantastic Light
While he was admiring the sea's wildlife he saw the salesgirl on the phone through the glass in the aquarium She was very pretty charming face relatively tall slender long dark hair thought she was 22 to 23 She was wearing a white short-sleeved blouse with a bright blue skirt made of light loose material Peter slowly walked back to the counter
- Did you find out anything?
- I'm afraid not I can't reach the boss
- Oh that's too bad When is he coming back do you know?
- Not anymore I'm sorry
Peter took a closer look at her Her beautiful brown eyes were modestly painted and her nose was proportional and straight She was wearing a bracelet with glittering stones on one of her wrists It was only then that she noticed something flashing on her right cheek not far from the mouthpiece Kisse bowed inappropriately looking at the shiny thing
 Excuse the intrusion miss what's that on your face? - did he point to the little shiny jewel?
- Piercing
- Piercing? Is it taped over there?
- No it's bolted shut
- You mean that uh-huh is his face pierced? - he was definitely shocked
- He was stabbed with a needle It's not that big a deal
- No big deal? I can't even stand the thought of having to take a blood test It's horrible
The girl smiled a little He seemed amused by the childish reaction of the handsome man The brave crowns of creation - he must have thought about it
- I'm sorry for my rudenessI haven't introduced myself I'm Peter


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