Akabur’s Witch Trainer Uncensored Part 20

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Have you ever smelled rain? You know like when the hot July afternoon is washed away by the rain and beyond the houses the clear cool smell of the Meadows is brought on It's a distinctive clean smell Yeah you must know him
She didn't use perfume Still her wine smelled It smells like summer rain
That's when I finished college School years are over As soon as I ran after the job I found out that my art class was useless so I gave up my ambitions and I was in the Ba Girls ' Home It was a long way away but they paid for the bus And what was ultimately decided by the money was that my replacement salary was as if I had become a director elsewhere It's true I have to travel and sometimes I have to work nights Girls aren't that bad and they pay for it
For a reason home was a sad place
Ground-floor group of buildings with Suk lattice windows high fences a barren courtyard surrounded On the edge of the small town park it stretched out like an ulcer that would never heal It wasn't any better inside The furnishings of the vaulted worn-out rooms consisted of polished cabinets and whimpering iron beds About 110 children lived lived and studied here Inside the walls of the former district prison with saltpeter
The Meadows after the rain I can still feel it The smell It was the strongest where the hair on the back of the head goes into tiny gold pieces Ági That was his name I'll never forget it My great sin
Ba State Girls ' Home
In the dormitories there were 10 to 20 children from 3 to 10 from 10 to 18 mixed together At the end of the long corridor there were two wings of the "little" and "big girl" dormitories At night the dividers were sealed The nursery room was in the" big girl " area
After 10: 00 pm in accordance with the regulations the building with the central switch went dark In the thick walls the noise slowly subsided Everyone was asleep around midnight The secret rendezvous was about to begin How I counted the minutes Leaving the nursery door a crack I waited for naked feet to slip
Ági That's where I met him I was 21 he was 16 I was a foster kid he raised me Even after all these years I've become "respected teacher" His memory still haunts me Conscience The bun and the lustful have never tasted a strange mixture
For the first time I noticed him at" bath time"
"Bathing" was one of the rituals of the institution introduced by the principal Its purpose is to humiliate the adults beyond hygiene Yes The warden who used his stamp ring to hand out painful "Cokes" repeatedly expressed that view to me By giving me the beginners the many years of experience he has gained in this particular field of Education
- You should know dear colleague  in this case he adjusted nicotine's yellow fingers to his metal-framed glasses - that they were criminals If they're not already they will be Where they come from there's a bun lifestyle They need to learn who's on top here That's what we do It's hard but you can't hit it Especially by hand - You mean the aunt Margaret who lived with him and by the way she was in the kindergarten class For whom it was sufficient to lift his wooden shoes and the four-year-old girl continued to inhale the porous mashed potatoes Pedagogical science is useless
"Bath time" was every Friday In this case "uncle Gábor" the janitor ran up the institution's only hot-water boiler early in the morning The morning school was soon over The kids got broom and rags after lunch The director personally assigned the areas to be cleaned Dinner was at 6: 00 bath was at 7: 00 First the little ones then the big ones
In groups of 10 we took the children into the 4*4-meter floor-to-ceiling windowless chamber called the baths It was necessary to hurry for the water ran through the ceiling and there was no more water Being on call I had to supervise the bath I had to make sure that all the children in the circle had the only soap and not only did they see it but also their ears and wash everything
The big girl group came into the room giggling naked The sight of the naked bodies made me turn from the SUK elotér in confusion
- The hills will be especially taken care of by the young colleague - the warden offered and offered to give me an expert's help So there we were standing on the doorstep of a room full of GOZ "supervising"
"Zsuzsanna your neck too" he said to a large roma girl " spread your legs don't use soap with your hands" What are you looking at? I could be your father These ungrateful little whores "he turned to me" and then continued to instruct:
- Catherine Now you wash his back Don't act like an idiot Or maybe I should help you? - he smiled and put his hand deep in his pocket The girl who used to have her back turned face to face Her budding breasts were seen through the fog()


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