Academy for Sissies

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My constant lover is still my sister but now she has a whole unique and exciting adventure again It all started when I was just finishing up a construction project and the old man found me with a special assignment Back in the 2000's one of our brigades had an older work colleague old Pista He was a good kid and he was pretty good at his job He retired from us and then sometime in 2010 when his wife died his kids talked him into selling the family house now and then he moves in with his daughter husband and kids gets a room Because his daughter was always his favorite and his son-in-law got along with him he agreed
Then his son-in-law got a really good job across the country moved there took the old man of course Then last year the old man was diagnosed with advanced metastatic cancer They tried to handle it but there was nothing they could do He died early January this year Before he died he said he could be buried on the other side of the country And the old man thought I could represent our company because I was his boss a lot we were good friends etc Of course I did The old man figured I shouldn't drive across the country go with intercity I get there tonight who buys me a hotel room a funeral the next morning and then I get home just in time for the night I got on intercity early this morning There were seats facing each other on the train no one was on the chest and there was only one person sitting across from me She was a full-bodied natural blonde about my age Big but shapely butt big tits baby face long hair on his shoulder It was a pleasant sight for a man's eye and I immediately thought that he should be seduced somehow We had to have a conversation Then coincidence came to my aid The train suddenly stopped and the phone that he hadn't been using was coming towards me on the table we shared
Before he fell I caught him He thanked me and we started talking He's been divorced for a year he's got a big daughter and a little boy he's an office worker at a big firm he's taking a few days off the kids are at their dad's and he's paying for a spa in the same town I went to I was slowly talking about her personal life and she said she's been having casual couple weeks of adventures Of course I was courting her Then the train stopped and there were new take-offs A couple young college kids as you can imagine turned up later The guy's a regular good-looking guy the girl's a good-looking guy They'd already taken your drugs off so I got a good look at it She was so beautiful and sexy Baby face long straight brown hair hard-jumping medium boobs long thighs and hard tight ass They sat close to us but in the same direction as me so I couldn't see them but the blonde Gabi all the more so After just a few minutes I noticed that he was talking to me more and more in a discouraging manner but often he looked at the couple Well I thought so I'm sure she likes him In the meantime bits and pieces of conversation have been filtered down to me from college parties who go to exams etc I didn't force the conversationI just went into my cell phone On the train it was warm and sleepy After about a quarter of an hour the conversation got delayed and Gabi was staring at it more and more It was clear there was eye contact Then I took out my notebook and started writing something and then I dropped the pen spectacularly in the hallway I leaned for him and I looked at the couple quickly
Have you seen the movie Bitter Honey? For a long time in the film it is believed that the seductive woman is sleeping with a male member of the British married couple Then comes the surprising finale where the pretty young lady after an erotic dance that ends in a lesbian kiss leaves and sleeps with the other woman So yeah she was eyeing young beauties her boyfriend fell asleep and the lesbian flirtation between the two women was saved I'm not that surprised A lot of women have lesbian tendencies and well a hard tit or a sexy tight ass can make erotic waves that can reach the other side of the river of its own sex Plus it's rare but sometimes between two people even though they've never met they have a 1000-degree sexual desire in a minute The first time they could look each other in the eye they could have detonated the atomic bombs of excitation So Gabi's obviously getting more and more excited She was gasping for breath her nipples were all over her blouse He just jumped up He was moving fast and then she joined him They went to the bathroom together It was a shocking turn-on I watched the minutes they came back after eight minutes After he sat across from me again it was clear on Gabi's face that he probably came had a satisfied head and then he woke up and she told him it was just me Soon after that Gabi was caught He wanted to make eye contact with the little girl that they had a good taste of each other in the toilet but he spotted her()


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