Русская милая девушка сосет член в лесу

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It was a terrible heat but Ana knew she had to finish packing even if she didn't have any help He put on a soft dress to suit the heat and stood on the chair with a deep sigh It was the easiest way to reach the shelf He was immersed in his work even humming so that he could have missed it when Anthony entered the room Anthony of all people Ana only woke up when he was standing right in front of her He turned towards her on the chair and her breasts were exactly the same height as Anthony's mouth Her hot breath was burning her skin and her nipples were stiffened by it piercing the light material The man looked at her bewitched and could not restrain himself and with his mouth he lightly touched one of them and took her gently into his teeth through the dress
At first she was afraid to cry back but with the sudden movement all she could do was Get Anthony to bite harder and squeeze his nipples a little bit Ana was consumed with heat and instead of protesting she involuntarily put her hands in his hair and drew him closer to her Anthony was now taking turns licking biting sucking hard nipples Meanwhile the light dress slipped off her shoulder and opened one of her breasts
The man put his hand on her caressed her as Ana got more excited breathed louder moaned and moved her hips Anthony's other hand then went down and stroked her ass She was emboldened when she sensed that not only was Ana neglecting her bra because of the heat but there was no underwear under the dress Anthony then began to caress his thighs and then he crawled up and down under the dress He felt her naked skin and then he couldn't think straight She slipped her fingers between Ana's thighs getting closer to her pussy and if she had any doubt about her excitement now her moisture had convinced her Ana had never felt the thrill of how long she had dreamed of it how long she had longed for the touch of a man but reality surpassed everything His legs weakened and he screamed softly when Anthony touched him with his fingers He froze for a moment then started moving again faster and faster
She could hardly stand when he lifted her from the chair sat her down and spread her legs with a firm motion He knelt in front of her for a few seconds looking at the velvety pussy and then what he just started with his fingers he just went on with his tongue At first he just licked the pubic mound and then began to play with his clitoris slowly and then he began to move faster and more determined Ana threw her head back felt like she was melting away with pleasure He noticed with half his eyes closed that two of Anthony's friends Jim and Adam were at the door
He didn't know how long they'd been looking but he could see in their eyes in their faces that the sight was not without effect The two men approached almost at the same time leaned over to Ana and began to pamper her still sensitive breasts Anthony noticed but he never stopped licking She felt how much she enjoyed it so she tried to do everything she could to make it better He took his fingers as well as his tongue and as his tongue grew more and more round her clitoris he touched her with his fingers thus increasing the pleasure
At first Ana felt a bit of shame she'd heard of it but she'd always buy girls who even thought of it Now however he changed his mind and gave himself full pleasure Both her nipples were sucked bit at the same time licked her pussy and she gave herself to pleasure She could hardly bear the sweet pain when her orgasm almost exploded He screamed loudly grabbed Anthony's shoulder and then his body relaxed Even though he was satisfied he still had a sense of absence so he was not at all surprised when Anthony set him up and turned him over Ana was leaning on the chair pushing her butt over the man and Anthony was pulling down his pants and pushing him in Their movements were quickly coordinated getting faster their wheezing became louder()


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